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A. At a look

Samalona Island may be a coral island chain with a neighborhood of ​​circular two.34 acres. This little island may be a marine touristry destination visited by several native and foreign tourists. White sand and crystal clear water build this island excellent for sunbathing. additionally, the island is nice for diving (diving), as a result of the encompassing reefs area unit home to numerous marine tropical fish, colorful, and alternative marine life.

B. Feature

The island is to save lots of 1,000,000 mysteries of sinking a ship relics warfare II. There area unit regarding seven items of the ship that sank within the island, among them: Maru ship, owned by a Japanese war vessel sank at a depth of regarding thirty meters; Lancaster Bomber ship conjointly sank at a depth of regarding thirty meters; submarine hunter (gunboat) belongs to Japan ; cargo vessel Hakko Maru created within the Holland, similarly because the Japanese submarine. Sunken ships has been reworked into a rock and a œrumahâ â € €? tinggalâ œtempat or â € €? for many numerous marine life forms, and therefore the kind and color was superb. the sweetness is that the main attraction for the tourists to return swimming among dead bodies shipwreck them.

In addition to the mystery and wonder of the marine park, the tourists can even watch the sunrise (sunrise) and sunset (sunset) at identical position. On this island, tourists can even get pleasure from the delights of a large vary of recent food toasted in an exceedingly manner that's quite distinctive, that is placed on prime of a coconut shell and so lined with leaves growing round the island. That way, the scent of coconut shell charcoal smoke wafted directly and may arouse your appetency.

C. Location

Samalona Island belongs to the realm of ​​Makassar, exactly in Ujung district, Makassar, South Celebes.

D. Access

Samalona Island is close to half-dozen.8 kilometer from town of Makassar, and may be completed in regarding 20-30 minutes by speed boat with a capability of up to twelve folks at a price locomote between Rp. 250,000.00 to Rp. 350,000.00 commute.

E. Admission

In the confirmation method

F. Accommodation and Facilities

Available at this modest lodge pangggung formed house that may accommodate regarding twenty folks at the speed of Rp. To $ 150,000.00. 250,000.00 / home / night. It conjointly offerd some food stalls that provide a range of recent food,

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