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Drini Beach

Area southern sea coast known for its beautiful scenery. Many beaches, especially along the southern coast of Java, are used as tourist attractions. In addition to crystal clear waters, white sand and gently sloping main attraction. High sea waves are often overlooked by travelers lovers of the sea, when danger threatened frequently the cause behind the pounding roar that. One of the attractive beaches in the southern ocean is Drini Beach is located in Gunung Kidul, DIY.

Name Drini still seem very alien to the community. All they know about the beaches, especially in Yogyakarta is Parangtritis, Samas, Baron and Kukup. True, not many know about the beaches are located not too far away to the beach at Mount Kidul Kukup it. The beach was beautiful, with a fairly high waves. As typical of other beaches in the South Sea, Drini also limited by the steep mountain backdrop.

Discovering the Hidden Gem of Drini Beach: A Perfect Escape

Nestled along the pristine coast of Java, Indonesia, Drini Beach is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by adventurous travelers seeking tranquility and natural beauty. With its untouched shores, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking sunsets, Drini Beach offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

A Natural Haven

Drini Beach is renowned for its untouched natural beauty. The beach is flanked by rugged cliffs that provide a stunning backdrop to the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. The soft, golden sands invite visitors to relax and unwind while taking in the panoramic views of the coastline. The tranquil ambiance of Drini Beach makes it an ideal destination for those looking to reconnect with nature and escape the stresses of everyday life.

Adventure and Exploration

Beyond its picturesque shores, Drini Beach offers opportunities for adventure and exploration. The surrounding area is dotted with caves and rock formations waiting to be explored. Adventurous travelers can embark on hiking trails that lead to panoramic viewpoints, offering breathtaking vistas of the coastline and the surrounding landscape. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of the underwater world.

Cultural Richness

In addition to its natural wonders, Drini Beach is steeped in local culture and traditions. Visitors can interact with the friendly locals and learn about the customs and way of life in this coastal community. The nearby villages offer a glimpse into traditional Javanese life, where time seems to stand still amidst the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Preserving the Beauty

As Drini Beach gains popularity among travelers seeking off-the-beaten-path destinations, efforts are being made to preserve its natural beauty and ecological balance. Local authorities and environmental organizations are working together to promote sustainable tourism practices that protect the delicate ecosystem of the area while providing opportunities for visitors to experience its wonders responsibly.

Plan Your Visit

Whether you're seeking a quiet retreat or an adventure-filled getaway, Drini Beach has something for everyone. With its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and opportunities for adventure, Drini Beach is a destination that promises to leave a lasting impression on all who visit. Plan your trip to Drini Beach today and discover the allure of this hidden gem along the coast of Java.

Once inside the location of the beach, we would welcome the white sand stretching along the coast. Sand and clear water tempting the visitor to immediately jump in and swim. Unfortunately, the manager forbids visitors to take a bath in this beach, because it is dangerous with waves high enough. Visitors can only walk on the beach with the occasional touch of water waves aside. When the conditions of tide, waves on the beach is indeed quite high, like other South Sea coastal waves.

This beach can only be enjoyed during the height of low tide the water is limited to the calf. Visitors can enter into the sea for bathing or simply take a walk up to a limit of waves that are quite far from the beach. At low tide the beach surface was clearly visible, especially the water is clear enough. At first glance, we see the star-shaped object attached to the bottom like a stone beach. Once approached, it turns out that star-shaped objects is a Star of the Sea or often called Starfish.

The animal was attached at the base of the harsh coast and moving to use five or six arms. Usually, when arrested Starfish move to save themselves by going into the sand pit that is in between the rocks. Catch the Star of the Sea is causing excitement for visitors Drini Beach. Children and adolescents rollicking catch Star of the Sea. Some are brought home, but not a few who are only used as a toy and then released again. "Want to be maintained at home, but can live what baseball yes, 'said a teenager who collects Star of the Sea in biscuit tins.

In addition to Star of the Sea, visitors can also hunt fish hiding in the holes coral beach. Various types of small, beautifully colored fish can be found on this beach. Usually the fish hanging around the rocks where the water is very clear. But at high tide, colorful fish hiding in a hole behind the rock to protect himself from the violent crushing waves.

The hunt small fish is a distinct attraction in Drini. So, once we get to the location of the beach, many small merchants are offering serok commonly used to catch fish in the aquarium. The little Serok used to catch small fish hanging around the rocks by the beach. Many who took home the small fish for decoration at home. "To add the fish collection at home," said one visitor. Enjoy Fresh Fish THAN Various beautiful beaches, the South Sea region is also known as a producer of large fish. Besides used for tours, beach Drini also used as a landing place of fishing boats owned by local fishermen. In the middle of the beach, the sand ramps, used as a simple dock for fishermen to land their boats after fishing. Left-right with a steep cliff, used for tours, although many visitors are playing around the wharf. As one of the fish landing sites Drini Beach also offers marine fish to the visitors. Visitors can get a new fresh sea fish derived from fishing boat at a cheap price. For enthusiasts can choose the Tuna fish, tuna, Baronang, squid, Rajungan, Crab, Pari and other types. Lobster for the baby's arms are also the main attraction, especially during certain seasons.

Fish can be taken home and cooked at home, or cooked on the spot. The traders are ready to cook fish purchased visitors. "It could then be eaten cooked here-yack," said a dealer in fish while frying a big barong customer orders. Traders are also preparing warm rice and sauce according to the tastes of visitors. The price? Not too expensive. If we are in groups, can eat together with the fish and sauce provided by merchants. Traders in Drini Beach also provides a salted fish that can be taken home for souvenirs. For fans of smoked fish can enjoy a smoke Pari fish whose flesh is soft brown. "Whatever, like cooked here or taken home. The fish is still fresh, fresh off the boat, "said another trader.
Supported Smooth Roads ONE tourist attraction is the roads that connect these locations to other places. District of South Mountain is known as the arid and arid regions. Along the way starting from Prambanan get to the beach, we witnessed a lot of dry stone mountain without trees. Actually this scene tedious journey, but because we have a goal to the beach, boredom can be avoided. Fortunate that the road leading to the tourist sites in the southern coast of the South Mountain District were all smooth and wide. Seen a new street was paved hotmix, ahead of the holiday. Local government seems to anticipate the surge of visitors during the holidays Lebaran by improving facilities at tourist spots.

Location Drini Beach can be reached from the ring road south of Yogyakarta at the intersection towards Wonosari. From this location to the east towards the City Wonosari Piyungan before entering. Another way is through the access area to the south of Prambanan. From the traffic lights in the area Bogem light toward the South. Both of the West and from the North, all running smooth with hotmix asphalt. Journey through the Prambanan more challenging because many passes through the winding streets barren mountains. The road continues uphill to the city after passing Piyungan Wonosari. Despite the uphill and a lot of corners, not to worry about traffic, because the road has just widened. In a few twists that are considered dangerous even created a special path, especially for slow vehicles such as buses and trucks. No wonder that visitors to coastal attractions spread across the South coast is quite a lot. Although the location is quite far away, but they still want to come. Besides beaches are nice, the road leading to the location it was quite smooth, making the journey was tiring. This is perhaps the exemplar of Malang Regency which has many attractions in the South Coast. The difference, in Malang regency has not been a lot of visitors because the road does not support. In addition many are damaged, the road to the South coast is also narrow. Nothing wrong with learning on the South Mountain. Drini beach location situated in the Village Ngestirejo, District Tanjungsari, Gunungkidul District, Yogyakarta and is about 37 KM from the City Wonosari or about 4 KM from the coast eastward Kukup.

The specialty of this beach there is a coral island Drini growing trees Drini and reputedly the wood can be used as an antidote to poisonous snakes.

In this Drini beach we can see clearly among the sea grass sea corals, and marine life lainnya.tapi possible for the current entrance to the beach access is still not as good Drini Beach alluvium, Tourism Indonesia Heaven on Earth

Drini Beach Tourism

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