25 Balinese men stranded in Turkey after being duped by shady recruiter

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 25 Balinese men stranded in Turkey after being duped by shady recruiter


A videotape of 25 Balinese men reportedly stranded in Turkey went viral history on social media, with an sanctioned suggesting that they were victims of labor exploitation. 


 “ We've vindicated (the videotape). There are 25 Balinese people who were left abandoned in Turkey,” said Bali Migratory Workers Protection Agency head Wiam Satriawan history. 

 According to reports, the 15-alternate videotape showed a Balinese man who was part of the group lamenting their fire while carrying his luggage. Speaking in Balinese, the man asked to be returned home, adding that they were all being treated like homeless people. 


 The Bali Police had entered a report about the group onFeb. 22, and it was contended that all 25 (all of whom are manly) in the videotape were victims of mortal trafficking practices. 

The reports indicated that an Indonesian employment agent under the initials KPR, as well as a foreign agent with the initials SARR, as the contended shamefaced parties. 


 According to Wiam, the Balinese people in the videotape weren't recorded as migratory workers grounded on the agency’s data. An disquisition plant that they departed to Turkey on vacation visas, and yet were promised by an unnamed agent that they would be suitable to work there. 

 Original outlets reported that the 25 were latterly placed in a sleepover in Turkey. 


 Wiam said that he'd reached out to Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find results for the stranded Indonesians. 

 Likewise, Wiam lamented the situation as this MO has played out several times ahead. 


 “ They must understand that you can not work on a vacation visa. This kind of thing happens too frequently and numerous people don't feel to comprehend it,” he said. 

 Independently, I Putu Pastika Adnyana, a legal representation of one of the victims, said that his customer diverged out IDR25 million (US$) to the agency, who promised him a housekeeping job and apartment casing in Turkey in return. 


 Putu said that the original agreement showed that his customer was supposed to be granted a work visa, and he wasn't apprehensive that he'd a vacation visa when he left Indonesia. 

After arriving in Turkey, Putu’s customer and others were allowed to rest for only one night before being transferred to work at clubs. They were also crammed into seedy living diggings, in which they had to take turns sleeping in beds. 

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