Australians Can Return to Bali again! Quarantine lifted for Australians

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Australians Can Return to Bali again! Quarantine lifted for Australians

Here's everything you need to know about the new rules

  • Aussies can now travel quarantine-free to Bali as long as they are fully vaccinated
  • Indonesia says five-day isolation will no longer apply to double-dose travelers
  • The change means tourists from 23 countries only need to pay $47 for a tourist visa
  • Arrivals still need to undergo a Covid test upon arrival and take out travel insurance

Australians can now travel to Bali after the Indonesian government scrapped quarantine requirements for visitors from approved countries.

Indonesia announced it will no longer force fully vaccinated travelers to isolate on arrival starting Monday, March 7th.

Previously, even double-dose travelers had to self-quarantine for five days before being allowed out into the community.

The rule change means tourists from 23 approved countries including Australia and New Zealand will only have to pay $47 for their visa instead of $300.

Arrivals can now pay for their visa at the airport, but will still have to undergo a Covid PCR test upon arrival.

Travelers should also take out insurance that will cover them up to $100,000 if they catch the virus.

Qantas will restart flights from Melbourne to Bali's capital Denpasar on April 14 and from Sydney a day later.

Arrivals from the US, UK, Italy, Germany, and ASEAN countries (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). Including Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are also eligible for quarantine-free travel.

The announcement comes just days after Jetstar announced the sale of one-day flights to Bali from seven Australian cities.

Airfare from Sydney and Melbourne to Bali is offered for $125, while seats on the Perth to Bali route can be purchased for $99.

Sales begin at 9 p.m. on Thursdays for flights from April 8 and end at 11:59 p.m. on Fridays.

Aussies have been in lockdown from Indonesia for the past two years due to travel restrictions caused by the Covid pandemic.

Indonesia, and Bali in particular, has been badly hit by the pandemic as the archipelago nation's economy relies heavily on tourism dollars.

More than 70 percent of Bali's population works in the tourism sector. The industry accounts for 52 percent of the island's GDP.

At least 90% of the island's tourism-related businesses and restaurants have closed due to the minuscule number of international arrivals over the past two years - with only 45 overseas visitors reported holidaying on the island in 2021.

Many resorts have closed during the pandemic for renovation and refurbishment.  

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