Photo of Hungry Seal Wins World Nature Photography Awards 2021

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Photo of Hungry Seal Wins World Nature Photography Awards 2021


The global nature and wildlife photography contest World Nature Photography Awards has blazoned this time’s winners who showcased nature’s beauty from around the world across multitudinous orders. 


 Print Awards to Encourage Nature Preservation 

 The periodic World Nature Photography Awards (WNPAs) were innovated with the belief that everyone can make small benefactions to appreciatively shape the future of the earth. The association believes that photography can play a part in impacting people to see the world from a different perspective and change their habits for the good of the earth. 

 This time, the competition entered entries from 20 countries across six mainlands. The contest has 14 orders, ranging from geography photography to creatures in their natural territories, photojournalism, mortal commerce with nature, and others. 


 Out of all 14 orders, the highest- scoring shooter receives the title of the World Nature Photographer of the Time and is awarded a cash prize of$. 

 “ As always, it’s such a exhilaration to see the amazing quality of entries into the awards,” says Adrian Dinsdale,co-founder of the WNPAs. “ Seeing these images can not fail to motivate one to do everything to cover this fragile earth of ours. We offer our sincere congratulations to all the winners. 


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