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Gili Nanggu Lombok

ThursinaGili Nanggu is a small island located in South Lombok, about 20 minutes from Sheet Harbour and 15 minutes to cross by boat motors from Tawun. On the small island berterumbu shallow reefs are available inn the proprietor said. Greenish crystal clear beaches. 5 meters from the beach can enjoy the coral reefs with colorful fish milling around.

Finding a beautiful and tranquil place for a vacation can sometimes be difficult. The place where we can enjoy the beauty of nature while recreation to eliminate fatigue from a busy daily routine.

For those of you who like to travel nautical, diving, sunbathing on the beach, or relax in a natural shades, come stay at Gili Nanggu. The island area of ​​12.5 ha in the west of Lombok is managed with the concept of Forest / Virgin Island, so it still has a natural beautiful and natural. Calmness and keasriannya make Gili Nanggu as a place of regular visits many foreign tourists. Gili Nanggu dubbed: Paradise Island.

On the white sandy beaches and calm wave this you can rest without worry disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the beach merchants, because Gili Nanggu is a private island inhabited only by managers and staff.

Enchantment of the underwater world has its own charm and is one of the main reasons many guests who come every day to play on the beach. Only a few meters down to the sea so tame fish are colorful to come closer. In addition there are also coral reefs and other marine animals are very beautiful.
Tunable chirping of birds before the sun rises and the silence of nature at sunset create truly romantic atmosphere, making Gili Nanggu a suitable place for honeymoon couples.

Color Warni Ornamental Fish Nanggu Island Marine Park in the most suitable place to escape from all daily activities are burdening your mind. Also this place is perfect for spending time on vacation or celebrating family bersaman honeymoon.

The beauty of this island is preserved so that it attracted the attention of many tourists. Here you can feel the atmosphere of a deserted with white sand beaches are clean and soft with waves that seemed to whisper ear, and eye soothing sight.

Peace and ketentramanpun will be created with the feel of a beautiful and romantic. This is now the island Nanggu or better known as Gili Nanggu. In addition the island is famous for its beautiful sea garden is decorated with various types and colors of ornamental fish.

During the journey to this beautiful island we will pass some of the places that tourists frequent in the Village Labuapi singgahi which produces miraculous types and motifs carved from wood. The next village is famous for its handicrafts Banyumulek made ​​of clay. Even marketing has reached outside the area.



Gili Nanggu (The Paradise Island) The island is small premises

n outstanding natural beauty. This island in tumbuhi with various kinds of trees and surrounded by palm trees that line the coast. With soft white sand, water clarity that penetrates a shallow seafloor, beautiful marine park with colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs and charming. 

The perfect place to escape from daily routine because just by being in this remote island can be perceived comfort, tranquility and peace that will restore freshness and a new color in life. Snorkeling is the right idea to enjoy jewelry marine park is rich with potential for natural beauty, there are different types of fish that will accompany and welcome as well as decorate the view. 

Enjoy the thrill also feed the fish, watch and experience the immense pleasure that you never get. The atmosphere on the island is very quiet, the silence of this place will blend in shades of romantic who never imagined in your mind. A light breeze will blow in the breeze greeted each activity on the island. That shade trees will provide shade and coolness in the heart of each view.



When sun published melodious voice singing of the birds began to sing as if to welcome the beautiful and sunny morning. Bask in the sun by lying on white sand beaches, gentle and clean will help to relieve fatigue on the move. In this island there are several comfortable accommodation that will spoil the various facilities on offer.

Many tourists who visit the island to spend vacation time, and most of the tourists come to celebrate honeymoon in this charming little island. Nanggu Island is a vacation spot that will give the sensation and feel of your new life. Nothing wrong with this beautiful little island is also known as "The Virgin Island" because kendahan and naturalness of the island is very charming.

Access to Gili Nanggu and Restaurant

There are several easy ways to get to this small island, among others: - From Airport Selaparang (Mataram) - Sheet Harbour by car and spent about 30 menitan. Then from the port Sheets - Gili Nanggu use the boat for about 30-45 minutes. - From Airport Selaparang - Tawun (Sekotong West) using the car for 60 minutes and then use the boat for 15 minutes. - Access to Sheet Harbour can be achieved through the port of Padang Bai on Bali, next to the Island by Boat Nanggu. - Using the Fast Boat (Gili Cat, Island Gateway or Blue Water Express) directly to Gili Nanggu. Restaurants and Cafes are several accommodation as well as restaurants that provide a variety of dishes ranging from local cuisine to Iternasional. Menikmat menu dishes while watching the sunset and other natural scenery would be nice.



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