Kukup Beach Tourism

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Kukup Beach Tourism

If there is Tanah Lot in Bali, Yogyakarta in Gunungkidul there Kukup Beach. To reach this beach, it takes approximately two hours drive from Yogyakarta. It is located about one kilometer to the east coast Baron.
This beach can also be achieved through a path that connects between the beach and the Beach Baron Kukup.

Kukup set foot on the white sandy beach will provide an unforgettable experience, especially if it took up to a cliff which is connected to the bridge where we can see the beautiful stretch of beach which although not too broad, but very beautiful.

Besides the beautiful panorama of beach and sea, Kukup Beach also offers tourists a variety of types of sea water ornamental fish are sold by local people to just be a souvenir of this beach.

Kukup beach located about 25 km to the south of the City Wonosari. If from Jogja shoreward this takes about 1.5 hours using a motor vehicle. The road to this beach and the winding up and down. So please be careful if using a vehicle to come here.

On this beach there is a coral island connected by bridges. From the top of this coral island we could see the beauty of the vast expanse of beach with waves big enough. Although during the day, if located in the atoll will feel cool because the wind was blowing pretty hard.

After enjoying the beautiful beaches of the island reef, we could go down to enjoy the beautiful white sand on this beach. In the afternoon the sea water began to recede, so that we can be free to just take a walk on the beach or playing with white sand that are here.

Which not less fun, a lot of marine life here. Starting from the colorful fish, crabs are often pacing the beach, or a jellyfish that can make the body itch if we hold it. If want to catch fish or crabs with ease, we could buy a small nets are bought and sold by traders on the beach.

If you want to bring home fish but do not bother to catch it yourself, we can buy it as it exits from the beach. There is the traders who trade in marine ornamental fish. The fish were so many kinds, ranging nemo fish, starfish, sea snakes, and many others.

we provide music to accompany your trip air travel to enjoy the scenery around ..

Trips to the beach Kukup, a chain of recreational visits to the beach Baron, because the distance between the two beaches are more or less just 1 kilometer, can be reached by footpath. Baron creamy white sandy beaches - brass.

Goa - a shady cave coral, and sea water fish found in this area are many and very attractive to tourists. Enjoying the beauty of one of Indonesia's sea coast to charm, tourists can go up to the cliff on the beach between the Baron and Kukup, by the way - the path.

The various kinds of ornamental fish can be watched visitors seawater through seawater aquarium fish Aquarium at Pantai Kukup.

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