10 Most Misterious Places and Exotic World

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Our world is full of mysterious places that hide their secrets in the dust of the existing civilization. Ancient castles, sacral statues or porters, hidden land, and a variety of places that deserve more attention from those who love adventure. Let's start an adventure of a mysterious place to place.

1. Easter Island

The island is located between Tahiti and Chile, and gained international popularity as a remarkable colossal statue shaped the human face. Each sculpture is 14 feet tall (about 4 meters), weighs about 14 and made of volcanic stone, and is the work of Rapa Nui society. Until now not known how the statue was made with primitive technology owned by the community. There are various theories about the origin and meaning statues, including one of which is a fantastic theory which says that the statue was made by a UFO. But, until now the truth of all existing theories have not been revealed. Will you be one who can reveal it?

2. Egypt.

One of the most mysterious and magical place on the planet. Being in North Africa, the country has more than 80 pyramids spread along the river Nile. Masing2 nearly 100 meters high, made of giant stones each weighing 100 tons. Until now legends about the pyramids are still inviting new rumors, myths and new beliefs are also emerging. Of all the pyramids, the tallest is the Pyramid of Cheops. All the pyramids were built simply by piling one stone on another stone. Found no glue, nails or any adhesive used in the manufacture of a pyramid. All the stones fit together somehow, so it is very hard to find any cracks or gaps. Issues concerning the construction techniques used are also not answered until now. So if you are looking for mysteries, pyramids of Egypt will continue to provide the mystery for you.

3.The Bermuda Triangle

In the Northwest Atlantic, lies the Bermuda Triangle. Within this triangle there are seven major islands and 150 small islands which is actually a cluster of coral. Triangle is also referred to as a triangle devil - all the high technology tools and all the navigation tools do not work properly in place. Often even the communication with the world outside this triangle becomes a problem. No one knows why and how to prevent this. So, if you are brave, who knows you to be the first to solve this mystery.

4. The Antarctic.

Antarctica is a very inhospitable place to live. So many changes and phenomena which until now a big secret for most of us. Antarctica also has many mysteries, from 14 million kilometers of the continent covered with snow and ice with a thickness of 2000 to 4800 meters, there is also the total dry island, and called the "Valley of dry without snow". Be a living witness to this phenomenon!

5. Xinjian.

In this city, there is a neglected area called "Moguicheng" or city of the devil. Some castles in Moguicheng strange noise that is not clear where asalanya. If you approach this devil town on a hot day with a gentle breeze, you will listen to the rhythm of sweet, like 10 million or 10 million small bell guitar playing together with indahya. But if the approaching winds, then the resulting sound will roar like a lion, a baby crying or howling wolves.

6. Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is a mysterious stone structure in rural England. No one knows what the purpose of building, whether palace or temple, or temple, or perhaps a sign of a UFO? Try to visit, who knows you could solve the mystery!

7. Henan.

In Henan, China, you will find local geothermal anomaly called "Bingbing bei" or the back of the ice. All regions of China have a normal seasonal changes, the residents in the area of ​​western Liaoning Province, China, has a constant warm temperature. But when summer came, and the start of this magical phenomenon. When the air temperature reaches a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and the sun shone with a bright, massive changes occur, and the temperature at one meter below the soil reached -12 degrees Celsius, so the soil freezes and all the water turns to ice.

8. Niagara Falls.

Waterfall is famous as a tourist destination. This natural wonder is located on the border of Canada and America. Waterfalls of land covering 250,000 square miles and the water flow can be reached 250,000 cubic feet per hour.

9. Geyser.

Geyser is a flow of warm water that gushed to the surface of the ground. Geyser always seems interesting and mysterious. One of the places in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, is famous for its geysernya which reach a diameter of 20 meters and when it rains, you can find a terrible scene: streams of water that gushed extraordinary that reaches a height of 70 meters. If you visit China, and waited in the surrounding areas in the river Yangbo Geyser, Tibet. Geyser that there can be sprayed with a startling sound every few minutes. Diameter blast of hot water has reached a height of 2 meters and can reach 20 meters semburannya.

10. Aran Island and Orkney.

Two islands in Scotland this is the secret history of the most important treasure. These two islands located in the cold seas of Scotland, the two islands attract tourists with a number of castles, ruins, stone circles and ancient temples. If you like the medieval period. Both of these islands must exist in the list of your visit.

behind the majestic beauty of mystery and magic of something big ..
let the beauty of looking and found you to be something beautiful and natural..
mystery is part of us ..
hopefully find ..

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