10 Natural Wonders Of The Forgotten

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Any person, agency or whatever it may create its own list of natural wonders in the world, especially the miracle created by nature (nature creation).
Usually the list is made based on experience, can also be based on the pooling as is now being crowded conducted a private institution. Or lists are made by UNESCO. Now this top 10 list published by the wonder nature life.com.

1. Bahrain's Tree Of Life

This tree is a natural wonder that no peerless. Growing up alone in the middle of the desert is dry, no other trees that accompany. This is the only tree in a remote desert, isolated from almost anywhere. Which oddly enough, old trees (approximately 400 years) still thrives with green leaves, whereas there was no single source of water. So where does the water of life gained by the tree? Because anyone know water is the lifeblood of all living beings, whether human, animal or plant. So the only answer that makes sense is under a tree hundreds of years old that there are sources of water. If so why were there no other trees? It's an unsolved mystery of nature.

2. Horseshoe Falls, USA

Horseshoe Falls is the most majestic waterfall is a combination of the three waterfalls that then formed into what is known worldwide as Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls) is the largest in amarika, and one of the largest in the world. Its location is located in the Niagara river, especially on the Canadian side of the border between Ontario and New York.

3. Bora-Bora Island, French

The island of Bora Bora is one of the most unique and beautiful island in the world in French Polynesia. Renowned for his calmness. The island is surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and barrier reef.

4. Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro in the north-east Tanzania is the highest mountain in Africa. The altitude reached 19,330 feet in a very challenging world-class climbers to conquer.
5.Iguazu Falls, Brazil-Argentina border
Iguazu waterfalls are located in the Iguazu River in Brazil-Argentina border, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in dunia.Pengunjung can get very close to this beautiful waterfall. At some point, visitors can a waterfall surrounded by up to 260 degrees.

6. river Nile

River Nile is one of the most famous rivers in the world also recorded the longest in the world because it crosses a number of countries. This river has a long history, and often appears in stories of ancient legends. Indeed Nile has a length of more than 4,100 miles, is formed from two small rivers namely White and Blue Niles. The river that flows to the north, empties into the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt. Places through which the Nile is now a tourist resort area that many invites tourists.

7. Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Arusha, Tanzania

Ngorongoro is a conservation area located in the crater of the volcano Arusha region of Tanzania. Here is home to thousands of species of wildlife in East Africa, including some that are threatened with extinction.

8. The Jeita Grotto, Beirut, Lebanon

Jeita Grotto is a tourist area of ​​limestone caves located on the north beirut, lebanon. This is a cave with incredibly beautiful scenery. At the top of the cave, visitors can set foot on foot walking path alias enjoying dramatic cave, but to get to the deepest places of the cave that led to the 'belly' of the earth, travelers should use the boat. In this cave berlimbah water source that gives life to the city of Beirut.

9. Lake Tahoe, Colored Water Blue Beautiful "Jewel of the Sierras"

Often called the "Jewel of the Sierras" because the water is blue like a jewel. Lake Tohoe very famous for its beauty is also the largest lake in North America and the second deepest Crater Lake in Oregon. Tohoe Lake is the largest lake in duniakedua after Lake Alpine Lake Titikaka in addition to South America. Emerald Bay is also part of Lake Tohoe very famous. In the middle of Emerald Bay there are islands that remind us of Samosir Island in the middle of Lake Toba.

10. Mount Olympus, "Headquarters of the Gods"

We often hear about the ancient Greek Mythology Mount Olympus which is the 'home of the gods'. This is the highest mountain in Greece and one of the highest in Europe.

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