5 Interesting Underground Tour in the World

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5 Interesting Underground Tour in the World

Was not the only attractions on the mainland or its exterior, but we can also look slightly interesting underground (underground) may be able to unleash your guts to just melakuakan adventure with loved ones. Underground tourist area is also interesting to explore, not least by land and sea tours which have various kinds memamg own story.
This time we can directly down anywhere interesting underground tour that we must know:

1.Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentuchy

Hmm ... again, this place makes me dead force to be able to get there, Venue Grand sepert Avnue and Niagara terjuan water also gives a fairly makes me feel so touched to be able to find the oldest parts of the world's longest cave system. It is said that in this cave you will find the oldest Homo sapiens that there are about 10 million years ago.

2.Underground City, Montreal Canada

Here it is man-made tours, is one of the largest underground chamber in the world with 120 doors and you can enter through one door. Had about approximately 500 thousand people who visit here. For the location itself is very close to shopping centers and urban areas.

3.Hannan North, Australia Kalgoorlie (Gold Mine)

In Australia there is also a selection of interesting underground tour, which is also used as a gold mine site in North Hannan of Kalgoorlie, Australia. If you want to here you have to go down about 100 feet or 30.5 meters by using the elevator to the tunnel which has stood since the 19th century.

4.Aktun Park Cave, Mexico

Turning to Mexico, this locally called cenotes located just below the soil. You can also enjoy such attractions as truly exciting adventure. Many of the stones the stalactites and stalagmites are also very spectacular here. Along the way you will also find crystal water droplets, bat habitats, fruit and also some fossils.

5.Cu Chi, Vietnam

This place is incredible tunnel. If we come here as if we found a human life in it, the article in this tunnel there are hospitals, dormitories, kitchen, meeting rooms. This place is also often referred to as "Village Underground". The tunnel is not separated from the history of Vietnam tedahulu nationality, which was built during the Vietnam war and to date into attractive tourism places underground.
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