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Angkor Wat Cambodja

Angkor Wat is a temple located in Cambodia and is regarded as one of the wonders of the world. She was built by King Suryavarman II in the mid-12th century. Construction of the temple of Angkor Wat take as long as 30 years. Angkor Wat is located on the plain of Angkor are also building temples filled with the beautiful-beautiful, but Angkor Wat is the most famous temples in the Angkor plain.

King Suryavarman II, Angkor Wat building according to Hindu belief that putting mountain Meru as the center of the world and is home to Hindu deities, with the central tower of Angkor Wat is the tallest tower and the main tower within the built Angkor Wat.

As tales of Mount Meru, the temples of Angkor Wat is surrounded by walls and the canal that represents the ocean and the mountains that surround the world. The main entrance to Angkor Wat half-mile along the railing decorated with hand holder and flanked by man-made sea that are recognized as Barays.

The entrance to the Angkor Wat temple through the gate, representing jambatan rainbow that connects between the natural world with the gods of nature.

Angkor Wat is in good shape compared with other temples in the plains due to Angkor Wat Angkor has been exchanged into berterusan kuilBuddha and is used when replacing the Buddhist belief in the Hindu belief of Angkor in the 13th century. Temple of Angkor never colonized by Siam in 1431.

For centuries, the area around the Mekong River delta and central Cambodia, under the authority of the Kingdom of Java (now Indonesia). But in the year 802, Khmer prince Jayavarman II, who was born and raised in the palace of the kingdom of Java in the Sailendra dynasty, declared that the territory inhabited by Khmer people, separated from Java. And then establish a new kingdom, the kingdom of Angkor.

Prince Javawarman II was crowned as Devaraja (god king) by a Brahman priest. In subsequent years, Jayavarman repeatedly moved his capital. First of all in Indrapura (east of Kampong Cham), then to Wat Phou (now Laos south end) and last in Rolous (near Angkor).

In the year 889, Yasovarman I became king of Khmer. He began to build Angkor, which was later renamed Yasodharapura. RajaYasovarman reigned until the year 900.

In 1002, Suryavarman I seized the throne. Under his rule, the Angkor kingdom expanded to the areas that now is the country of Thailand and Laos.

In 1080, after Angkor was conquered by the kingdom of Champa, the northernmost province of Khmer governor declared himself as king, bearing the name of Jayavarman VI. He ruled the new Khmer empire from the most northern province of Khmer. In 1113, a nephew of Jayavarman VI is crowned king of royal Khmer. He chose to bear the name of Suryavarman II. During his reign, Angkor Wat was built.

In 1177, Angkor re-conquered by the troops of Champa. Jayavarman VII, nephew of Suryavarman II, became king in 1181 and later conquered Vijaya, the capital of the kingdom of Champa (now Vietnam). Under the reign of Jayavarman VII, Khmer territory expanded, even the largest of which has ever had. Thailand and Laos reached its territory, even to Myanmar, Malaysia and Vietnam. Jayavarman VII changed religion from Hinduism to Buddhism and make Buddhism the national religion is new.

In 1200, Angkor Thom as the capital of the new kingdom, began to be built. Construction of Angkor Thom is very large, have drained the sources of wealth of the Khmer Empire. So that in subsequent years, the Khmer have problems in the economy.

In the following decades, began to look at the decline of Angkor. In the West, Thai kingdoms dominated political forces. In the East, the kingdoms of Vietnam increasingly uphill. As a small country, Cambodia to try to survive.

Khmer kingdom relies heavily on Tai kingdoms and Vietnam. To be freed from the oppression of one nation conquering, Khmer needed help from other powerful countries. But the Khmer have to pay all its debts as payment of compensation.

In 1432, after Angkor was conquered again by the royal Thai, Khmer people leave the capital and lived in the jungle.

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