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Chichen Itza is a Mayan civilization in Mexico Site on 800SM century. Pyramid of Kukulcan at this historic site complex is believed to be the center of political and economic activities that the Mayan civilization located on the Yucatan Peninsula (now territory of Mexico). The central point merupkan Itza complex of other buildings such as the Kukulcan Pyramid, Temple of Chac Mool, and building the Thousand Pillars.

Temple Chichen Itza is a Mayan archeological relics of the most complete and well preserved. Sites of Mayan civilization in Mexico, on July 7, 2007, was selected as one of the seven wonders of the world chosen by 100 million people via email and sms (short message service) held by the Swiss Foundation.

According to the Mayan culture of Chilam Balam, the temple complex was built between the years 502-522 AD. The Maya is only occupied it for 200 years, then they move to coastal areas in Campeche. Yet another version says, Chichen Itza was built around 800 years BC.

Pyramid of Kukulcan at this historic site complex is believed to be the center of political and economic activities that the Mayan civilization located on the Yucatan Peninsula (now territory of Mexico).

Itza is the central point of a complex of other buildings such as the Pyramid of Kukulcan, Temple of Chac Mool, and building the Thousand Pillar.

At Chichen Itza temple there are two cenotes (natural wells) are used as a place to put sacrifice. That said, the Mayan Indians who inhabited the city was offering jade, ceramics, and even humans to be included in the well. The offerings were given when the drought struck.

The offerings are sometimes in the form of young girls to put alive into the well. The role of the well is so important because in the Yucatan Peninsula there is no river. The only source of water when a drought hit is from wells that.

The name Chichen Itza means any springs on the lips of the people in the local Indian language. Thus, Chichen Itza developed into a center of Mayan culture and economic governance.

That said, Chichen Itza is a symbol of worship and science. Chichen Itza was founded Toltec king named Quetzalcoatlyang tribe came to the Yucatan Peninsula with his troops. At that time the Maya have lived in the area, then together Toltec tribes, began to build temples that resembles a pyramid. Thus, the peak period of Chichen Itza is a mixture of Toltec and Mayan culture.

One of the largest temples founded is Kukulkan. Based on Mayan legend, Headed Serpent god Kukulkan is the incarnation of Quetzalcoatl. Temple of Kukulkan pyramid form bertangga, with terraces. On each side of a square pyramid there are steps to the summit. At the top there is the entrance to the room Jaguar Stone Crown King Kukulkan, which is painted red and moss green spots.

At Chichen Itza also there is a field game similar to basketball games today. Games 'pok ta pok' of throwing the ball through a circle on the wall seven feet above the ground. Captain of the team that first successfully fired the ball will be beheaded as a sacrifice to the gods.

In 1221, rebellion broke out. Wood roofs, markets and temples knight burned. Power over any move to Mayapan Yucatan, until the Spanish conquerors arrived.

This temple complex is quite extensive and each temple apart from the other. In the middle stood the temple of El Castilo (Palaces) a complete renovation. The shape is a pyramid, only the roof blunt. See the temple of El Castilo reminiscent of temple Sukuh in Karanganyar, Solo. Both temples are like brothers kembar.Keistimewaan El Castilo temple is towards the upper terraces of the temple. Each date and September 23 21Maret between day and night equal length. At that time in the afternoon, the steps of the temple in shadow. So that our eyes are deceived, as if there are many snakes up the temple. But the next day at the same time will seem as if the snake down the steps.

In the vicinity of the temple complex there is a statue called the Red Jaguar. According to Bishop Landa, in this place that often held ceremonies. The victims consisted of leopard (Jaguar), turtles, turkeys, dogs or any animal heart. Even sometimes the victims are human too.

Around the temple complex was also found that eight patungChac Mool. The statue in human form with a sitting up position. Both offerings and tanggannya was holding his head turned toward the left. Chac Mool to worship the god of rain.
Chichen Itza was still in the complex there are two walls of equal height. Arena between two walls that the Maya used to play ball. It is possible that the ball made of rubber, considering the surrounding area to grow rubber trees. Not only the Maya who likes to play ball, but also tribal Zapotek.

The Maya believed to be the original inhabitants of Chichen Itza in late classical period, but in the 9th century, for unknown reasons, the city was abandoned. Then inhabited again in the late 10th century and once was visited by the Toltec who moved from the central highland capital Tula, north of Mexico City. A mix of architectural styles and the central highland Puuc create unique compared ruin2 Chichen in Yucatan peninsula.

As one of the most visited tourist attractions, facilities here include a complete, standalone also for visitors who do not come with the group. Because of its location in between several large cities, many people also make Chichen Itza as a stopover to continue to the next town. That's why day care is provided the goods / bag free. Near the entrance there are also stops inter-city buses, and at the visitor center there is a bus ticket counter. Inside the ruins area after paying the ticket masukpun even there are many people selling souvenirs. This is what I've seen and strange compared to the rest of the world famous tempat2 hehe


The city is famous for its ruinnya located on the waterfront. Ruinnya own ordinary. But the location is on the beach with ocean biruu makes the whole to be special. And indeed, Ruin is beautiful because it blend in with the views of the beach in front of him.

Other beaches in Tulum, although still good, but not as good in cancun, or Mujeres del Carmen. Located far from mana2 and there is no public transportation. I went to catch the shuttle which is provided free by the inn. That said, here is also great snorkeling,

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