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1. introduction

Natural scenic beauty Publications such as coral reefs, seaweed, and seagrass beds with diverse marine life, mangrove forest, mountain and lowland tropical forest remaining, all in an unspoiled stretch of islands making karimunjawa as Marine National Park. The islands are administratively a district of Jepara district, located about 45 miles northwest of Jepara. The total area is 107,225 ha karimunjawa territorial, most of the oceans (100 105 ha), land area alone is 7120 ha. This area is influenced by tropical sea breezes that blow throughout the day with an average temperature of 26 sd 30 degrees Celsius, with a minimum temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and a maximum temperature of 34 degrees Celsius.

The wealth of flora and fauna makes it so fascinating Publications. This area has some kind of flora ecosystems, ie coral reefs, mangrove forests (seagrass beds), coastal forests, and lowland forests. On the other hand, was varied fauna, such as long-tailed deer and monkeys as well as aquatic fauna which consists of 242 species of 133 genera of ornamental fish and aquatic. Moreover, in this location there is also a rare species of fauna on the island berhabitat Geleang Bird and the island, such as the sea eagle and white chest and two species of sea turtles, the hawksbill and green turtles.

2. legend nyamplungan

Name Karimun according to local folklore can not be separated from Sunan Nyamplung figure, whose real name Syech Amir Hasan, son of Sunan Muria. Childhood, he lived pampered so that when growing up, he became inclined naughty. Sunan Muria was trying to educate his son in order to be better, but always failed. Finally Sunan Muria entrust his son to the Holy Sunan, with hopes of becoming better. Under the guidance of the Holy Sunan, Amir Hasan indeed become a better person and obedient, so she returned to her family. But once reunited with his family, Amir Hasan behavior back to normal. Sunan Muria was concerned, and finally ordered his son to come down the mountain Moriah, and practice the science of religion on the island who seem "kremun-kremun" (not clear) when viewed from Mount Moriah. And Sunan Muria Amir Hasan also said that should not be returned to the island of Java before the job is finished. Armed with 2 pieces Nyamplung seed to be planted on the island destination, and mustaka mosque (to date still in the tomb of Sunan Nyamplungan complex), and accompanied by two men servants, Amir Hasan finally started the journey. Once up and find a suitable place to live, Amir Hasan and then plant seeds Nyamplung 2 pieces brought from the island of Java. Plants grown from both seed Nyamplung is now known as Nyamplung tree, and its location was named hamlet Nymplung.


Publications of the islanders made ​​up of several tribes that have their own identity as a distinctive form of custom homes. The tribes that inhabit the islands karimunjawa are Javanese, Bugis Makassar, and Madura. Java community many live in the hamlet Karimun, Legon Lele hamlet, hamlet Nyamplungan, and hamlet Mrican. Most of the Javanese people's livelihood is farming and make home industries, such as red brick and coconut oil. Bugis Makassar society largely reside on the island Kemujan, Batu Lawang hamlet, hamlet Legon Gede, and hamlet Tlogo. Bugis society known as an accomplished sailor, therefore the majority of people work as fishermen. In addition, woven sarongs Bugis is also another peculiarity of the Bugis community. Almost the same with the Bugis, Madurese were mostly fishermen. In addition, they also have the ability to make dried fish as a home industry.

Tourism facilitie

1. Tourist Attractions

With beautiful natural and relatively pure, Karimunjawa offers tourist attraction
beautiful nature, namely marine tourism and adventure tourism nature. Besides the beautiful nature, Karimunjawa a multiethnic population make this area was interesting to observe erbagai unique culture and traditions. Marine tourism offers a variety of tours and sports activities related to nature Karimunjawa islands. Some tours and sports activities that can be done in this area are as follows.

- Diving

This activity can be done in the north and west of the island Publications, east of Menjangan Besar island, around the island Menjangan Small, south and west of the island Geleang, Bengkoang west of the island, west of the island machetes, east of the island Twins, Katang around the island, next to north and east of the island Krakal Small, and west of the island Beetle.

- Snorkling

This activity can be done on the island of Menjangan Large and Small Menjangan, Bengkoang west of the island, around the island Twins, north and east of the island Krakal Small.

- Fishing
Fishing can be done around the island of Menjangan Big and Small, Menyawakan Island, Middle Island, the island Kemujan, Parang island, around the island Twins, and west of the island Bengkoang.

- Swim

Location that can be used to perform these activities, among others, on the east and south of the island Publications, southern and western island of Menjangan Minor, the western part of Middle Island, about Parang island, the island Twins, and the island Beetle.

- Sun

Almost all beaches in the archipelago of white sandy Karimunjawa with a long coastline. This condition causes the coastal areas into areas suitable for sunbathing activities (sunbathing), play sand, and watch the beauty of the sunset or sunrise.

- Exploring the sea
For those who can not swim and dive, the ship is available equipped with a glass on the bottom (glass bottom boat) to see the beauty beneath the sea Karimunjawa.

- Looking at the sea water aquarium
On the island of Menjangan Besar there are areas that have a sea water aquarium facilities. Here, we can enjoy the beauty of ornamental fish and shark's life as well as other fish with a nuance that can not be found elsewhere.

In addition to its natural, population factors and traditions make karimunjawa islands have a tourist attraction and pilgrimage culture. A variety of cultural attractions located in this region, such as reog (kuda lumping), martial arts, tambourines, and Javanese gamelan. There are also attractions are conducted regularly by the local community, such as the release of turtle, ceremonial release of the boat, and Sunan khoul Nyamplungan (warning one Suro). Legend Nyamplungan make this area attractive to be visited by pilgrims who wish to visit the tomb of Sunan Nyamplungan-legacy and heritage.

2, souvenir

Various handicrafts are mostly made of rare wood, such as
Setigi wood, Dewadaru wood, and wood is a unique Kalimasada of Karimunjawa Islands. The results of the other craft in the form of a stick, a dagger, and beads. In addition to the craft, in these islands there are also other souvenir items in the form of home industry, such as jerseys, hats, anchovies, salted fish, porridge, processed foods from seaweed, and coconut oil. These craft items can easily be obtained in shops selling souvenir items are located in downtown Karimunjawa.

For wooden crafts, there are several locations as wood crafts center as a place of reservation, which is as follows:
- Al Badri Craft Centre, Legon village Cikmas
- Labiki, road Kapuran, Karimunjawa island.

3.Sarana Accommodation

In the area of ​​the islands have provided various types karimunjawa adequate lodging, ranging from cottage type residence, guest house, floating lodge, until the hotel. The fee was quite variable, ranging from Rp 40,000, - to Rp 300.000, - (data until 2006). Accommodation facilities are spread across the island Karimunjawa, Menjangan Besar Island, Middle Island, and island Menyawakan.

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