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Kremlin Moscow

The Kremlin is a historic fort in the center of Moscow is built of brick in the 15th century. The length of the wall more than 2 km, height up to 19 m, width 3.5 to 6.5 m, breadth of 27.5 ha. The Kremlin has 20 towers. The most famous of them is the Spasskaya Tower (67.3 m tall) with a diameter at 6 m. In the Kremlin there is the old relics like churches with cemeteries czar, tsar of Russia. Here also there is a hall where there are weapons in a variety of heirlooms, including horse-drawn carriage, crowns, clothing, jewelry and weapons belonging to the tsar.

Kremlin, Moscow, not just the center of the Russian government. Nor solely a fortified complex and towers in the end there is the stars with the dominance of red and green. The Kremlin is also a place to learn and enjoy the wealth of history, culture, religion, architecture, and art of Russia.

From the outside, often times the existing buildings in the Kremlin does not look attractive. But, try to get into, splendor and beauty of previously unimaginable will make us fascinated and amazed.

In late May, when accompanied by the occasional summer rain, the group of reporters Asia, Australia, and Dubai enjoy the charm of Moscow with Singapore Airlines. Since a few months ago, Singapore Airlines opened routes from Jakarta to Singapore-Moscow via Dubai.

For centuries, the Kremlin became the witness of many famous and tragic events in the course of Russian history. The weapons the enemy tried to tear down the walls of the Kremlin is sturdy. Celebrations and rebellion turns going around the Kremlin. However, the Kremlin is now still standing strong and the main attraction of Moscow.

Now the Kremlin, Moscow, is one of the largest museums in the world. The signs of the greatness of the Russian state, the images incredibly beautiful, property czar of Russia, up to a stunning cathedral can be seen here. Kesohoran it blends with the Kremlin Red Square which is now entered as a cultural heritage protected by UNESCO, one of the agencies of the United Nations.

In the usual map given to tourists, the location of the Kremlin are so conspicuous. Kremlin complex that almost resembles a triangular shape with 20 tower has a variety of cathedrals, museums, until the beautiful palaces. Outside the castle, there is the Red Square in the center of attention at Saint Basil's Cathedral which has a bright-colored domes, Lenin's Tomb, GUM shopping center, and the Museum of History of the building is red.

Moscow is the capital of the Russian Empire under the leadership of Ivan the Great in the 15th century. Moscow lost its status as the capital when Peter the Great moved it to Saint Petersburg in 1721. Nevertheless, Moscow still continued as a center of culture and industry.

Greatness of Moscow as the seat of government of the Soviet Union back in 1918, in Lenin's government. Some places in the Kremlin open to the public and visited by many tourists. Since the Kremlin is also a center of government, sometimes it's tourist places closed to the public without prior notice. "To come here was better in groups arranged by travel agents. Often tourists disappointed because it was coming but could not get in," said Irine Alexandrova, our tour guide.

These places are frequented, among others, the Armory Museum is the oldest museum in Russia. Collections are so amazing, such as jewelry, weapons, and property of royal wealth. Formerly Armory is a room that was built in the time of Tsar Nicholas I in 1840 to save the Kremlin collection increased, consisting of jewelry, embroidered clothing, robes of state / official, weapons, items of mail, and a statue or picture of a saint.

Unfortunately in this museum visitors are not allowed to take pictures. In fact, collections of beautiful and charming interesting to be photographed. There is a collection of clothes, crown, throne, and the Russian railway from the middle ages until the 20th century. Collection is enough to steal the attention of the eggs with a variety of sizes and studded with beautiful stones that have traditionally exchanged between the Czar at Easter and tsarita every year.

Cathedral in the Kremlin also be missed. From the outside it looks unattractive, just building with white paint on it there is a dome like a golden dome mosque. But go to the cathedral, the walls filled with beautiful paintings. It was mesmerizing. Unfortunately once again visitors should not be photographed.

Another collection that is here is that a cannon cannon Emperor's oldest and largest in the world. Then there is the bell that is placed on the floor of the Emperor is partially broken. Guides usually advise visitors to touch the bell because the bell and pray this is considered to be able to give good luck.

Grief behind the beauty

Visiting Moscow in the summer, when the long day because the sun never really sunk at 22:00, a good time to enjoy the rich history, culture, and other popular places in Moscow. At least for the Kremlin and Red Square are spacious and attractive.

Red Square with a length of 695 meters and 130 meters wide was famous as a place of military parades and other celebrations. The word "red" instead of around the fortress of the dominant red or communist symbol. But the "red" in Russian also refers to the meaning of beautiful.

Each building in Red Square has its own legend. Here there are graves of Lenin, right in front of the fortress of the Kremlin, Saint Basil's Cathedral is famous for its beauty, GUM shopping center, as well as the Museum of History.

Body of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin's embalmed dead could be seen publicly since 1924. On the day Lenin died, the Government of the Soviet Union received 10,000 telegrams from all over Russia, which demanded that Lenin's body could be seen the next generation. Every January 21, this cemetery visited by many people who send flowers. Next to Lenin's body there is also a body of Joseph Stalin, who died on December 31, 1953.

A striking beauty of Red Square is the Cathedral of Saint Basil. The towers of this cathedral has unique characteristics with attractive colors.

However, behind the beauty of the cathedral that was built when Ivan the Terrible came to power in the 15th century story of grief saved. The architect, Postnik Yakovlev, accidentally blinded on the orders of Ivan to prevent him from building a more beautiful cathedral of Saint Basil. The cathedral was built to commemorate Ivan the Terrible against the success of Tartar Mongolia in 1552 in the siege of the city of Kazan.

The cathedral consists of nine chapels with the uniqueness of each symbol was designed based on strong beliefs, and is intended to provide an overview of the New Jerusalem, the Kingdom of Heaven which is described in the Book of Revelation.

The beauty of Saint Basil has also been tempting Napoleon. He insisted on going to move this to the Paris cathedral, but there is no adequate technology. Napoleon ordered that the cathedral was destroyed by detonating gunpowder, but a sudden rain. The destruction was total failure.

During the communist regime under the Bolsheviks, the cathedral was closed and church leaders were killed. Furthermore, during the reign of Stalin, his close friend, Lazar Kaganovich, who served the Red Square Reconstruction Planning Director, suggested that the cathedral was demolished.

The goal that the vast Red Square as well as facilitate the movement of public parades and vehicle movement in the field.

Luckily Stalin rejected the idea. Rejection thanks to the courage architects and observers of Russian culture, P Baranovsky. When ordered to tear down the church, he refused and threatened to cut his throat.

Then he sent a telegram at length about that refusal. Stalin eventually undo the destruction and as a reward, Baranovsky was rewarded with five years in prison.

Another wonderful cathedral outside the Kremlin is the Cathedral of the Savior Jesus. Large dome that glowed yellow and the structure of the new cathedral building seen in all central Moscow and is the largest church in Russia. The original church was built Konstantin Ton in 1839-1881 to commemorate the Russian victory against Napoleon. In 1933 the church was destroyed on the orders of Stalin.

Orthodox cathedral in all its walls filled with religious paintings of the saints was rebuilt in the 1990s. In this church, visitors can see the symbol of Russia's spiritual revival after Communist ruled.

When tired of walking around the Kremlin, many tourists are boating on the River Moscow. With down this river, we still can see the landmarks are identified with the Moscow Kremlin. In the middle of the river there is also the Statue of Peter the Great. With the cost of 250 rubles to 150 rubles for adults and children, for one hour visitors enjoy the beauty of Moscow, including through Gorky Park.

music and transpot in moscow

Moscow's charm rests not only in Red Square. There are still many other locations that are so delicious to the eye such as the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. This is a Western Orthodox Church in the world. The church is not far from the Moscow River, a few blocks west of the Kremlin.

In other areas there is also the Ostankino Tower which is a television and radio transmitters there. Height reaches 540 meters. Tower designed by Nikolai Nikitin is listed as the third tallest tower in the world after Burj Dubai.

For those of you who like the music, the city offers a place called Moscow International Performance Arts Center, which opened in 2003. This place is also known as Moscow International House of Music, a regular gig memanggungkan to classical music. In this building there is the largest organ in Russia.

But for tourists, to Moscow would not be complete if not visited the Old Arbat. This is the name of the most famous street for the tourists. Its location is located in the heart of the bohemian area that many old buildings decorated 20th-century relics.

The number of tourist sites in Moscow does not mean having to spend lots of money for transportation. The tourists with paspasan budget need not worry. No need to take a taxi to visit the various tourist sites here. In this city there is the Metro, a subway transportation systems that reach all corners of this city.

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