Most Awful Places In The World

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Travelling does not only have a beautiful place. A scary place, keep a record of history, or save the mystery can be a fun tourist sites, as well as thrilling.
Here are five places that you should sambangi:

Aokigahara forest in Japan

Aokigahara also known as a sea area of trees, the forest was so thick. This forest is located at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. Interestingly, in this forest are found many caves the icy rock for years. Locals claim that the forest is the center of many supernatural phenomena. Legend is a growing call it saving forests are difficult to explain many mysteries and uncover. There is also a nest of strange animals, monsters, ghosts, goblins, and scary stories has spread throughout Japan and even the whole world.
Another uniqueness of this forest is a forest located in the volcanic rocks are difficult to penetrate by heavy equipment apapun.Meskipun this place described as the most horrible place, but there are hunters who tried to break through to get there. As a guide, they just follow the path of plastic rope to mark the spot. Plastic rope line was deliberately made ​​so that the hunters were not the most famous tourist tersesat.Tempat in the forest it is, Ice Cave and Wind Cave. Ever also there is a hunter / wayward tourists who try not to follow the path string. As a result, he never returned. Their bodies were discovered several years later, it was just a skeleton.

The ghosts of New Orleans, Louisiana

A living legend in the community's most famous ghosts haunt the ghosts of New Orleans is the Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau. He said, Marie's ghost is often manifest themselves walk around wearing a red dress with a white turban wrapped around the head of the seven layers. While walking, it is said, was issued a ghost sounds like a voodoo curse. Sounds so loud that people around there to hear. But the ghost is most often seen around the cemetery St. Louis Cemetery. Many tourists come to the cemetery just to deliver offerings such as voodoo dolls, flowers, candles, to sacrifice animals like monkeys and chickens. Their hope, may obtain a blessing and strength supranatura from the grave.

Catacombs, Paris, France

In the past, when the government decided to provide more space for human life, then one option is to displace the burial places. This alternative was chosen because when evicting illegal settlements, would cause huge protests from residents. While displacing the dead, protest considered smaller. Most simply the heirs who objected. Then be urban planning experts make plans to move the bones of the millions of Parisians. In order not to cause turbulence, the transfer is done secretly. Where removal? This is so the historical record. It turned out that the bones were taped along the hallway walls of the city underground. Underground city called City of Light. Until now the horrible underground city is still there and popular as the Empire of the Dead.
The Paris Catacombs is a picture of government atrocities at that time and became the world's historical record of all time. Interestingly, now it became the location of the most visited tourist attractions. Every year a million people came to the place to see the horrible sights where human skulls, bones stuck in the dark and damp walls. The tourists are of course guided by a guide who will explain the ins and outs of the history of the place.

Coliseum, Rome, Italy

since time immemorial until now very famous and even became the inspiration of Hollywood films about the greatness of the Roman empire.
Coliseum is a symbol of the roman empire's heyday. This is where thousands of prisoners used as gladiators and die in vain. So the most heinous massacre scene just to entertain the emperor and thousands of citizens who become spectators. They had to fight to the death. Even if not dead, then they were fed the lion and tiger fight. The inmates are staying in the vault under the dome coliseum waiting to be slaughtered in the arena. It is said that their bodies were thrown away under the dome coliseum. No wonder that many reports of many ghosts that haunts the rest of the ruins of the coliseum, they wore clothing ancient roman style.

Under the Dome Land, Edinburgh, Scotland

far below the busy streets in Edinburgh, discovered an underground vault in the ground which had formerly inhabited, but has been abandoned for two hundred years. Located on the south bridge brought Edinburg. There are rooms that are used as warehouses, meeting rooms and even homes. Underground vault is still there until now. It is said that a place is found in the mid 1980s, very haunted and most feared by local residents. A number of visitors who bersusaha underground entrance to the site claims to have been attacked by a supernatural force that is not known from where it came from, some fainted, the rest suffered from nausea and vomiting vomiting.

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