Mount Agung Bali Island

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Mount Agung

Mount Agung is the highest mountain on the island with an altitude of 3142 masl. The mountain is located in Rendang district, regency of Karangasem - Bali.
Mount Agung is a stratovolcano volcano, the mountain has a crater a very large and very deep sometimes smoke and water vapor. From this mountain Besakih revealed with perfect tapered cone, but the actual peak of this mountain elongated and ends in a circular craters and wide.
From the top of Mount Agung we can see the summit of Mount Rinjani on Lombok island in the east, although both mountains are covered with clouds as the two mountain peaks above the clouds, islands of Nusa Penida to the south along its shores, including Sanur beach and mountain and lake Batur in the northwest.

Mount Agung is the highest and most revered mountain in Bali. Although often covered by clouds and fog but sunny days when the mountain peaks can be seen from almost all places in the South and East of Bali. Therefore, the mountain is visited by many climbers from Bali and outside Bali.
Height of Mount Agung estimated 3142 m, but some say Mount Agung has actually lost some of its peak when it erupted in 1963 and now its height to be 3014 m. Oval-shaped crater with a width of about 500 m, the highest point of the crater is located in the west on the Pura Besakih.

Regions in the South Mountain is between Rendang and Amlapura has a very impressive panoramic view through a variety of scenic rural roads decreased by tetatur toward the East Bali. Rendang is an attractive small town, easily reached by public transport from Semarapura or from Bangli through a rather small road.
At a distance of 4 km from Rendang through a winding road travelers will find the Village Muncan who have old-style buildings house, among others, a roof made of shingles. The road then passes through the rice fields that have the most beautiful and impressive scenery in Bali before you arrive at the strait which, if turned to the north you will arrive at Pura Pasar Agung which is the starting point for the climb to Mount Agung.

Beliefs in Society

Balinese Hindu community believe that Mount Agung is the place bersemayamnya the gods, and also people believe that these mountains there is a palace of the gods. Therefore, the Balinese people make this place as a place kramat is purified.

Climbing to the summit of this mountain can be started from the three route that is:
From the south is the Strait of sub-districts Karangasem with basecamp at Pura Pasar Agung market through the Strait.
From the southeast is the Budakeling by jackfruit
From the southwest, which is the route commonly used by hikers, from Pura Besakih sub strait Karangasem district.

 Because a lot of accidents and loss of some climbers, since May 2009 ascent of Mount Agung each passing Sebudi, strait, Karangasem must use the services of a guide to anticipate the possibility of accidents with predetermined rates.
It is recommended for hikers not to bring food made from beef, because the area is very sacred mountain.

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