7 at the World Waterfall Jump Fall to Sea

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1.Un salto a la Playa in California

A relatively small waterfall at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. , But very beautiful. His name is The cascade McWay, Waterfall McWay only accessible by foot from the road that leads to the beach, and may be easier to see on the board.

2. Alamere
Alamere is a waterfall, down which flows directly into the sea.

3.waterfall into the sea in Scotland (Kilt Rock Waterfall)

Of 105 meters, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, we find the leap from the Kilt Rock.

4. Duden Falls, down to the sea in Antalya, Turkey

In the province of Antalya, in Turkey, jumping, Duden River series ended in spectacular fashion with a drop of water directly into the Mediterranean.

5. Jeongbang on Jeju Island
In South Korea, is one of the only waterfalls falling into the sea in all of Asia. Located on the island of Jeju, the paradise for honeymoon couples from South Korea, waterfalls overlooking the sea from a height of 23 meters.

6.Falls in the fjords of New Zealand (Milford Sounds)
In New Zealand, Milford Sound area are magnificent gift cards, but only in a very good look from the boat. The rocky coastline of fjords as the gap rises to 1200 meters, and waterfalls, spectacular fashion falling from above.

7. Seven Sisters in Fjord Geiranger (Geirangerfjord)
In Norway, another magical landscape of fjords and waterfalls are found in the Geiranger Fjord.

On one side of Seven Sisters Falls, and on the other hand, suitor ("The Pretender") faced to complete the unique natural landscape setting.

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