Panoramic Sangeh of Mystery to The Beauty Bali Island

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Sangeh is a place of tourism in the island of Bali which is located to the north of Ubud, Gianyar regency.
Sangeh famous because this is a village in which the monkeys (monkey) sometime roam freely but there is a very tame monkeys on a hill called Bukit Sari. There was also a temple called Pura Bukit Sari. Monkey here in power and is said to have three regions of the kingdom.
According to local legend of Bukit Sari and this monkey was there when Hanuman, a character in the epic Ramayana, mountain lift Mahameru. Some parts of this mountain fell in there and since then the monkeys reigned there.

Sangeh Nature Park, probably is not yet widely known by the people of Indonesia, whereas Sangeh located on an island that is famous in Bali Indonesia. Sangeh Nature Park is located in the Village Sangeh, Badung, Bali, about 20km from Denpasar.
Sangeh Nature Park has a charm forest tour is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys. Sangeh apes formerly was known to be very wild and often interfere with the visitors. Sangeh also known to be very ignorant, because they often take pengunung goods to be returned when the monkeys were given a piece of food. But now no longer Sangeh and sejahil first, because now the monkeys have been well taken care of.

Sangeh also has several groups that each group has one leader. But these groups have led teringgi or practically king of the monkey king in Sangeh. This supreme leader dwelt the most extensive. Place this monkey king there lived a very famous temple The temple is kesakralannya Bulit Sari.
Somehow, the ape leader was chosen because it has the power and charisma are incredible. Even they have more rights than other apes, such as when to marry or when the female monkeys received food rations. Usually the king ape will receive rations until he was satisfied, before providing rations to the other apes.

Much of this tour forest area, a place of living apes, only a small proportion of employers who used to make a few stalls selling a wide range of souvenirs.

Sangeh Located 20 km to the north of Denpasar Sangeh precisely in the Village, District Abiansemal, Badung regency you will find a forest area of ​​approximately 6 acres with towering trees along the highway. The trees that grow in this forest can reach a height of 40 meters over hundreds of years old and has been at once a natural habitat for the monkeys in this location.

Forest area on site attractions Sangeh actually preserved by the locals, the monkeys were free to roam without fear disturbed by human activity around it. This atmosphere will actually provide the experience seemed to be in the wild to the visitors, and you will be completely forgotten that you are in a tourist attraction. But forests in Sangeh also has another attraction. Inside the cool green woods can also be found a small temple complex of green moss-covered, hidden on the sidelines of the trees that grow tall called Pura Bukit Sari. Temple is located right in the middle of this forest Sangeh very sacred and sanctified by the Desa Adat Sangeh.

Perhaps you will wonder, why the forests are growing on this attraction and the surrounding area are rice fields and residential population. A local legend may be able to answer that question. Told that when Hanuman (one of the characters in the story of the Ramayana) Mahameru mountain lift, some parts of the mountain fell and since then the monkeys also in power in this place. Another story is when the King Mengwi secretly ordered a garden with plants that are specially imported nutmeg of Mount Agung. Secret command to make park was eventually leaked and there is a view, so the king ordered to stop, and the nutmeg crop is grown trees in forest areas now Sangeh tour.

The monkeys live in Sangeh like to have a kingdom, they live in groups, each group each have one leader, and from all these groups have the highest leadership. This supreme leader dwelt the most extensive. Rule in this kingdom like a real kingdom, the leader must take precedence, such as food distribution and so forth. Formerly, the monkeys in Sangeh known to be wild and ignorant because often interfere with the visitors and take things visitors. But now the monkeys are more benign, no longer wild and sejahil first, and even tend welcoming and friendly to visitors. So you do not need too are concerned with the monkeys in Sangeh ignorance, but still advised not to use jewelry, eyewear, issued cell phones, and other things.

Around Sangeh attractions there are also stalls selling various souvenirs and food. In addition you can also visit other attractions in the surrounding areas such as Land Wuk, Tourism Village evening, and Taman Ayun. Do not forget to visit Sangeh to find the monkeys amusing in this place when spending time in Bali.

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