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In this village there is the Indian Ocean coast is located approximately 25 kilometers south of Yogyakarta. Parangtritis is a fairly well-known attractions in Yogyakarta in addition to other coastal attractions like Samas, Baron, Kukup, Krakal and Glagah. Parangtritis has a unique landscape that does not exist on other attractions in addition to the big waves are also the mountains around tinngi sand beaches, volcanic sand called dunes. This attraction is managed by the government of Bantul pretty well, ranging from lodging facilities and markets hawking souvenir Parangtritis. In addition there are the baths called parang wedang bath water is said to cure various diseases including skin diseases, the water of these baths containing sulfur that comes from the mountains in the area. Of hot water supplied to the beach machete wedang Parangtritis to rinse well after the play sand and a small pool of water the children's play
Another location is the beach at the beach Parangkusumo that there is a meeting place between the king is said to Yogyakarta by Nyi Roro Kidul. On certain days (usually months suro) here made ​​offerings offerings (harbor) for the Queen of the South Sea or in the Java language. Local residents believe that a person shall not use green-colored clothing when they're on the beach. Parangtritis become a major tourist visits, especially on New Year's Eve Java (1 sacred / Suro).

In Parangtritis there are also ATV, horse & carriage horses can be hired to follow the coast from east to west. while also Parangtritis as a place for air sports / aeromodeling.

PARIS or what we know with Parangtritis, the beach is so beautiful that there are sand dunes and cliffs meet. This beach we can enjoy its beauty relax with your family or your partner, because the beach is romantic and cool. Lots of entertainment that you can enjoy, you can swim on the beach, there is no prohibition to the beach to swim too far, lest you be swept away to the middle. Because there are many steep karang2 under the sea. And do not worry, because there are many public baths are provided for the visitors. You can also wander around the beach with Andong ready to take you around on the beach. By evening you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Sunset / Sunset, Parangtritis impression that haunted and spooky scene was covered with beautiful beaches. On the eve, bamboo stalls of food vendors around the coast began to sell. You can enjoy the warmth of ginger wedang or take a delicious Corn Fuel dikeheningan night, for those of you who want to stay in the region this Parangtritis. To achieve Travel Location Parangtritis you can travel by motor vehicle, because this way you can skip directly to the beach. And if you want to travel up the bus, you can take a bus from the terminal Umbulharjo. There are two alternative routes that can be taken to achieve Parangtritis.

1. Yogyakarta - Imogiri - Siluk - Parangtritis, located about 30 km. And related to the tourist routes, which pass through the cemetery of the royal family, the highlights of this route is that we were treated to great views because there are roads left dikanan limestone hill that has a variety of forms - kind and unique.

2. Yogyakarta - Clove - Parangtritis, all kinds of vehicles can pass through this route. Because it can easily be through this street directly beach.

Parangtritis, is a beach in the Indian Ocean coast is located approximately 27 kilometers south of town is a tourist attraction Yogyakarta.Parangtritis a pretty famous beach in Yogyakarta, in addition to other objects such as Samas beach, Depok, Baron, Kukup, Krakal, etc.. Actually, in the coastal region south of Jogja There are 13 tourist beach has a charm all tours. Yet somehow Parangtritis ranks first in number excursions, compared to other beaches. Perhaps because Parangtritis has a unique landscape that does not exist on other attractions in addition to the big waves are also a mountain - the mountain tinngi sand around the beach, which is commonly called the mountain of sand dunes.

Confidence in the local community about the legend of Nyi Roro Kidul also gave birth to its own charm that can suck in tourist numbers larger than other beaches. There is a belief in Parangtritis unique. Should not be believed that wearing a green dress in Parangtritis will bring misfortune. According to local belief in green are favorite colors Nyi Roro Kidul, so it is feared that wearing clothes / green t-shirts will be dragged into the ocean waves as desired by the ruler of the southern ocean. The truth, the natural .

Parangtritis name has its own history. Syahdan, an ancient man named Dipokusumo prince who fled from the kingdom of Majapahit came to the area to do the meditation. When looking at the drops of water flowing from a crack rock, he was named the area became Parangtritis, from word which means stone and machetes tumaritis that could be interpreted as droplets air.Banyak interesting side when we travel to Parangtritis. The beautiful natural scenery of course the main dish. To enjoy it, we can just walk down the beach. Or if you dont want to accomplish, we can also hire a hansom cab that will take us through a similar route. In addition there is also a gig offer horseback riding to explore the coast.

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