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One of the favorite means of transportation is the Hong Kong subway train (MRT)-Hong Kong MTR-name, which is not only land but also to penetrate across the ocean to get to Hong Kong Island.

Naturally, a favorite for train users were pampered with a range of facilities, including facilities to pay and get your own tickets with just enough pressure that the station point to our destination in the map on display in front of the machine like an ATM.

Unlike in the Kowloon area has been pretty chaotic because of dense population, Hong Kong Island to look more modern and sleek high-rise buildings with beautiful architecture.

If the evening, when viewed from the lake in the middle of the city via the ferry, the buildings seemed bathed in light with spotlights pierce the sky seemed very intriguing.

When going to the Hong Kong Island, MTR will stop at the central station, located at Central Pier. This building is huge, because it is a meeting point three MTR lines plus IFC mall and office building (Internationa Finance Central).

Before going up to Victoria Peak, do not miss the first roads in the area of ​​Central and Causeway Bay MTR use.

Once out of the station and out of the escalator we were greeted by the aroma of shopping. Yes, there is a large department store in the Causeway Bay station. Out of the building department stores, the group welcomed the world to me and spending style window dressing. Here, along the road about 1 km in length, there are a variety of souvenirs, from clothing, purses, bags, keychains, and more.

Hong Kong TramNah, from here we try to ride the tram. Tram is one of the oldest modes of transportation in the country. Tickets are cheap, only HKD 2 was up as much.

There are only a few tram lines, distinguished by color (instead of tram numbers)-and includes most of the Hong Kong Island is uninhabited. Tram is arguably the least expensive way to look at the Central and Hong Kong Island. We can go to Northpoint, Admiralty, even Victoria Park (where the 'hero of foreign exchange' Indonesia used to gather on Sundays).

Peak Tram

Conventional tram satisfied, to Central. Now the goal is to Victoria Peak. To this place, have a special tram named Peak Tram. This is an old wooden train hundreds of years old but still in good condition.

Peak Tram is a special tram that runs in the upward trajectory of up to 50 degree slope. Tram lines has been used since 1888 seta is durable and good. Round-trip ticket price is HK $ 33 per person, if you all want to get into Madame Tussauds wax museum, there is a combo package plus tram museum (HK $ 170) cheaper. There are also tram combo package plus sky terrace.

If the train common in general, we can sit down face-to face, in the Peak Tram is not possible because it would be toppled. All should be seated facing up. This tram was already tilted stasionernya position, so to find a seat we need to fight extra hard.

Travel by tram is quite thrilling, with a strong engine power uphill carrying dozens of passengers at speeds of up to 40km/jam.

By using this train we could see the sights of Hong Kong City in a position of height and tilt to 27 degrees. Quite extreme, but do not worry because the security level is very high.

The trip takes about 10 minutes to reach Victoria Peak. Station on the cliff has been transformed into an 'official places' to see Hong Kong from the top. This place is shaped like a saucer, there are dozens of shops selling souvenirs and restaurants.

The view from this high place is very beautiful, especially if the day before the evening. Bright fluorescent lights of the building which makes Hong Kong deserves the nickname 'Pearl of the Orient'.

Madame Tussauds wax museum is also located within the cup-shaped building, where you can take pictures with hundreds of world leaders, celebrities especially Hong Kong. Collection of wax such as Jay Chou, Andy Lau, Lesley Cheung, until the Twins and Cecillia Cheung is an exclusive display here.

In addition to the artist, there is also a well-known political figures like Barack Obama, Saddam Hussein, Hitler, and famous figures of China.

You can freely take pictures with the wax statue, but specifically for multiple characters and artists, you have to pay for it.

Here, visitors can also order a wax statue to be made miniature, or just make copies of our hands. But we must hand dipped first into hot wax in order to obtain the original texture.

From Sky Terrace on Victoria Peak, can be seen clearly throughout the territory of Hong Kong to look also lip beaches. Oh yes, here the air is very cold and windy, so do not forget to bring a jacket, preferably with gloves too.

After coming back from Victoria Peak, it's delicious grilled lamb in a restaurant eating a lot of Arabs are in Hong Kong. Fried rice is also pretty good for Indonesia because the tongue is very spicy.

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