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Object Free Tourism in Dubai - Who is not interested in cheap travel, especially the free ones? Although Dubai is known as a favorite tourist destination rich tourists from Europe, it does not mean there is no free thing that can be enjoyed in the city. What are the free tourist activities that can be done in Dubai?

See the Dubai Fountain

free tourism dubai

free dubai

Free Tourism in Dubai Fountain is the world's tallest fountain. This fountain is able to spray water to a height of 275 meters or the equivalent of a 50 story building! Special again, this fountain located in front of the tower Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. This spectacular attractions can be enjoyed without pay or free tickets!

If just the highest in the world, certainly less attractive. To be more unique, Dubai Fountain water jets are designed in such a way that can adjust to the rhythm of the music. At night, this attraction looks more attractive with lights and decorations 6600 25 color projectors.

The roads in the mall

tourism in dubai

You feel not the type who likes to shop? It's okay to not like shopping for reasons of economy. But, do not say no when invited to a walk in the malls of Dubai. Different shopping malls in Dubai because it is not only designed as places to shop. Many activities can be done in it, and many are free of course.

Shopping malls in Dubai is really designed as a place of recreation. Besides shopping, you can see a giant aquarium, artificial waterfalls, marvel at the unique interior design, enjoy the attractions of ice skating, and many other free activity.

Marvel at Burj Khalifa
burj khalifa dubai

It seemed almost everyone had heard of the tower Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building located in Dubai. Although visitors are required to pay a ticket to ride to the observation deck area, the tallest building in the world actually can be enjoyed from the outside.

Around the Burj Khalifa existing parks and artificial lakes are free of tourists, is very attractive for the background image. And do not forget, the attraction of the spectacular Dubai Fountain can be seen under the foot of the tower Burj Khalifa.

Go to the Beach
beach in dubai

The beaches in Dubai are known to be clean. The area is already well-organized with the parks and children's playground. The location is very near from the city center and easily reachable by public transport. Some public beaches in Dubai can be visited free of charge. Jumeirah Beach Park and Mamzar Beach Park are interesting from a visitor ticket. But the entry ticket price is quite cheap, only 5 dirhams (about USD 11,000).

Along the Dubai Creek
dubai creek

Do not ever claim to have been to Dubai if you have not visited the Dubai Creek. This is the legendary sights of the old city area of ​​Dubai which has many old buildings, galleries, museums and traditional markets. This area is also known as a shopping gold jewelry and textile products.

Relax in the garden
garden dubai

Although the climate of the desert, Dubai has many green parks lush botanical garden tub in the tropics. Free parks can be visited Object Free include Musriff Park and Rasyidiya Park. Sempatnya also to look at Safa Park and Zaabel Park with tickets costing only 3 dirhams (about seven thousand dollars). If you visit on a given day, you can also see Free Tourism in Dubai Flea Market is held regularly at Safa Park.

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