Wieliczka Salt Underground Tour in Poland

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Wieliczka Salt
Wieliczka Salt Mine is an important tourist area in Krakow, Poland. This place has a long history in tourism activities. Already in the 15th century a lot of tourists visiting this underground area. Some important European citizens, such as Copernicus, Goethe and Chopin've been here.

At present the region managed to attract thousands of visitors every day, especially in the summer. Visitors usually come to take a tour around. There are also tours led bergrup using some choice language.

Underground tour at the Wieliczka Salt Mine will take you to walk along the 2km. You will pass through as many as 20 caves. Most of the caves are adorned with a statue is the creation of the miners.

In addition to spacious, state here is very neat. Unlike coal mining in general. The walls of this underground sights colored dark gray. You can see the walls are made ​​of crystal, if you shine a light.

The most unique and unexpected is the presence of an underground cathedral. All in it is made of salt. Starting from the wall decorations, altar, religious statues, floors and roof. Even the crystal chandeliers made ​​from salt. Wonderful work was created by three miners. It took 68 years to process.

Wieliczka Salt Mine is listed first in the World Heritage list, published in 1978. The changes will be the development of the mining process in the Middle Ages so perfectly illustrated here through the maintenance of the gallery-old aleri therein.

Wieliczka Salt Poland

STILL a lot of tourist attractions in the underground world of amazing and interesting to watch. Maybe you have the opportunity to visit it.

Following further review, as quoted Travelandleisure:

Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland

In the Middle Ages, the ancient Polish community in the land is aware that there are natural resources that have a high value of the salt. So they made ​​a big mine 326 meters underground and spends most of his life here.

Now, this salt mine museum has dijadkan, konserm room, and spa. In the salt mines, there are statues of Pope John Paul II made ​​of salt and also imitation paintings carvings Leonardo Da Vinci is also made of salt.

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, United States

This cave is the longest underground cave in the world, with a length of 630 kilometers. Because of that length, the cave is called the Mammoth Cave. This cave has a gothic style, and a choice of travel for the citizens of the United States who like adventure.

Coober Pedy, Australia

Coober Pedy is a mining town with a population of 3500 underground soul. Residents of this town live underground, in houses constructed from stone. Although located in the basement, the town has shops, churches, hotels, and even a swimming pool.

Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqafa, Egypt

This place is actually the ancient Egyptian tombs from the 2nd century. Interior of the tomb is a mixture of ancient Egypt and the interior of the Romans. In addition to the grave, where is also the place where the objects belong to the bodies are buried here when he was alive were as plates and cups out of clay.

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