Sri Gethuk Waterfall Yogyakarta

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Sri Gethuk Waterfall Yogyakarta
Sri Gethuk Watrefall Yogyakarta-in search of a hidden waterfall named Slompret/Sri Waterfall located in dusun Gethuk Menggora, Village Bleberan, Playen, Gunung Kidul. Called Slompret because the locals often sound the trumpet of waterfalls and streams nearby. But never found time sought. Because it reads like a trumpet, then disebutlah with Slompret. Accidentally I found beautiful paddy fields area above the waterfall (see travelogue I see rice fields in Gunung Kidul Regency).

After enjoying the beauty of paddy field in satisfied over The waterfall/Waterfall Gethuk, Slompret I melanjtkan trips by asking for directions to the falls to one of the fathers of the farmers were passing there. He said to go to the waterfall just lived through a channel of water that comes from the upper waterfall. After finding a small footpath, just follow the directions where to stay, so roughly ancer-ancernya. I followed the suggestion directly deh father had said.

Travel through drains and footpaths is really interesting. I do not express my admiration for the bosan-bosannya the beauty of this place. So until the trail is his father earlier, I immediately follow the footpath. After the road around 500an metres, I actually "get lost" come across a small river a beautiful limestone rocks as a raw material. Wah ... again I was amazed. Very unique patterns of rocks. Like ancient stones (hallah lebay hehe ..). But the fact of the matter is thus indeed. Although I get lost up to here, upstream from the waterfalls, I even more excited.

cobblestones are unique

Next to walk down stream from hulu, I arrived at the top of The waterfall is Gethuk. Wah ... Once again a superb view. Karst cliffs loomed with the River splitting solidly around him. I am so reminded of my time in the Green Canyon, Pangandaran. This is not less interesting. I daydream for a moment to enjoy the sight of these beautiful hehe

Then I rushed down and looked for a way to find staircases down to the River (it turns out there is already a child tangganya). And once down the stairs pretty steep, it's me at the base of this waterfall. Wuuaaahh ... Amazingly beautiful sights that I rarely meet. The Brown limestone cliffs covered in bushes and plants growing around him green. Combined with extraordinary waterfalls as tall as 50 feet of rain descended upon the rocks hard limestone, brownish yellow color. With slope-the slope of unusual rocks, making the River should not be confused with the River in General. Green River water flow with a quiet flowing between cliffs. Wuuaahh ... this time I can not comment again. Speechless .... Amazingly beautiful. I can't describe the joy of my heart. Skip this alone hehe ...



one side of the River

the other side of the River

the shower, the water is clean on and suegerrr

This is only a partial picture of the hundreds of photos I took. Wonderful isn't it? I think the photos above can only reveal the beauty of the original a bit, so You come here mending himself to prove it. This is one proof that many "hidden paradise" in Yogyakarta, even Indonesia. And this also proves that the potential for tourism in the area of Gunung Kidul is actually very buanyak. It's on bored if tour to Yogyakarta Sultan Palace, only to Prambanan or Malioboro. Like this ya interest.

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