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Greece attracts quite seventeen.5 million folks annually a contribution of V-J Day to the gross domestic product of the country. Balkan country has become a magnet for international guests since antiquity for its wealthy history and an extended Mediterranean outline and beaches square measure. In 2005 6.088.287 travelers visited town of Athens, the capital.

The temple in Athens.

Tourism in Balkan country traces its roots to past. once Balkan country was annexed by the empire, initiated the cultural exchange between the 2 cultures, the visit because of an oversized variety of Roma began the illustrious Greek philosophy and science, like Athens, port and Thebes, as a result of Balkan country has become a province of the Roman Greek Empire and granted Roman citizenship.

In Hellenic business in 1960 and 1970 began to develop, in what's referred to as the mass business.During this point, seek for massive construction comes and alternative facilities like the state and international travelers a year-on, year. International events like the 2004 Summer athletic contest and also the monetary unit Vision Song Contest 2006, each in Athens to boost an enormous facilitate for business within the country, whereas large-scale across the nation funded cultural infrastructure like the New bastion depository conjointly contributed to the flow of domestic tourists.


Santorini crater.

Myrtos beach on the island of Kefalonia

In 2009, the country welcome over nineteen.3 million tourists, welcome an oversized increase from the seventeen.7 million tourists in 2008. Most of the tourists within the country of the eu Union (EUR twelve.7 million), zero from that America (0.56 million), Asia (0.52 million), Oceania (0.1 million) and continent ( , 06 million EUR). [1] In 2007, additional Britons visiting the country as alternative nationalities, total 2.61 million in total, in order that up to fifteen of the tourists alone within the country this year. additionally, 2.3 million visited German, 1.8 million and one.1 million Albania Balkan country the country this year. In 2007, 92.8% of the overall variety of tourists in Balkan country of states in recent years there has been a major increase within the variety of tourists from Israel, attributable to the crisis between Israel and Turkey.

The area most visited Balkan country was that of Central Macedonia in northern Balkan country, close to a number of the foremost common attractions within the country, like Halkidiki, Olimbos, Pella, birthplace of Alexander the good, and also the second largest town of Balkan country, Salonica. In 2009, Central Macedonia welcomes three.6 million guests, or eighteen of the overall variety of tourists in Balkan country this year, followed by territory (2.6 million) and also the Peloponnese (1.8 million) of Northern Balkan country is that the country's most visited., with 6.5 million tourists, whereas Central Balkan country came to six.3 million second.

According to a survey conducted in China in 2005, Balkan country was designated as ideal of the Chinese folks as a traveller destination. In Nov 2006, Austria, China, proclaimed that Balkan country could be a common destination for the voters. [8] In line with this observation, proclaimed the previous Greek business Minister Aris Spiliotopoulos the gap of the Greek National business Organization in Shanghai by the top of 2010, and presently operates 2 GNTO Offices in China, one in Shanghai and one in Beijing.

Economic Impact

At a similar time, the business began consumption since the flip of the millennium, of U.S. $ 17.7 billion. in 2000 to U.S. $ 29.6 billion. in 2004. the amount of jobs that were directly or indirectly related to the business sector 659,719 and pictured sixteen.5% of total employment within the country this year.


Panoramic view of town of Heraklion.

As developing countries square measure obsessed on business, Balkan country offers a spread of traveller infastructure facilities.Tourism Balkan country has improved since the 2004 Athens athletic contest and continues with variety of key comes to grow, particularly within the less mass business.

 conference facilities

The five-star urban center Carras edifice and Resort in Halkidiki, northern Balkan country hosts summit of EU leaders in 2003.
Congress business within the science, business or market culture is aligned the inspiration of the Greek National business Policy. As a result, the Greek government, with sturdy support from the regime, has been a profitable money grants, leasing and employment subsidies and tax incentives to make a brand new conference facilities and expand existing ones offered. during a recent report within the conferences and Incentive Travel, Balkan country ranks eighth within the world could be a night for the conference. Figures from business Satellite Accounting analysis, by the WTTC (World Travel & business Council) performed with a rise in worldwide sales during a business trip to Balkan country from U.S. $ 1.51 billion. in 2001 to U.S. $ 2.69 billion. in 2011. In 1998 the figure was U.S. $ 1.18 billion.


Greece had. fifty one dock and also the fourteen,661 places that supply services like moorings, fuel, water and electricity, phonephone and repair a number of the busiest and most recent dock in Balkan country simply many kilometers from the middle of Athens. The dock of Alimos and Flisvos, on the southern coast of Athens, had a combined capability of quite one,800 ships.

Spa and hot springs

Greece has 752 thermal springs. abundant has been classified as a medical care by the National Institute for analysis in Geographical and Minerals.


Several kinds of museums within the Ellas. Most of them will be found in major cities like Athens, wherever the illustrious New bastion depository and also the National archaeologic depository. additionally there square measure an oversized variety of galleries, together with the National Gallery of Athens Εθνική Πινακοθήκη. There square measure several museums in Salonica, furthermore because the Byzantine depository. Overral there square measure over a hundred and fifty museums across the country square measure simply accessible for tourists

Tourism in Balkan country is from the Greek National business Organisation (EOT) used Helena Paparizou, a illustrious Greek singer, the monetary unit Vision Song Contest won in 2005 to run as an envoy. The singer Sakis Rouvas, UN agency has pictured Balkan country within the monetary unit Vision Song Contest 2009 is currently business Greek ambassador. The new emblem of the National business Organisation of Balkan country consists of 9 circles, the 9 new reasonably business be promoted to combat seasonal business sector it symbolize. The motto of the new emblem is "Greece, truth experience", which suggests that the present selling campaign directed to the search expertise and not simply mass business.

The draw back of the new emblem is that square measure initially look may not brought with Balkan country. Ads square measure displayed within the web site of the GNTO still target the fine art of ocean, sun and sand. However, the business campaign profound amendment is promoted as a city-break and conference business, together with cultural attractions, and health. The impact of the new campaign is anticipated to lead to magnified traveller revenue.

Visiting Balkan country

data concerning business in Balkan country
Greece solid ground and also the Greek islands square measure one in all the favourite vacation destinations in Europe. In fact, Balkan country comes within the fifteenth place within the world rating of traveller destinations, since, per the National applied math Service of Balkan country, it receives quite fifteen million tourists each year, once countries like the USA, China, Espana and nice kingdom.

Most tourists return to Balkan country from Europe, particularly the EU countries, and from the USA, whereas fewer originate from the opposite continents. In 1989 and 1991, or so ninetieth of the tourists to Balkan country were Europeans, particularly German and British voters. till the mid-1990s, the business flow in Balkan country wouldn't surpass eight or nine million; but, 1994 was a determinant year for Greek business as a result of quite ten million folks selected Balkan country and also the rattling Greek islands to pay their summer vacations.

Greece could be a illustrious country, common for its clean beaches and its long history. There square measure many archaeologic and historical sites to go to in Balkan country that gloriously depict the country’s past. Its landscape is especially mountainous and also the piece of land isn't terribly fertile, aside from some valleys scattered on the Greek solid ground. However, Balkan country is encircled by water, particularly the Aegean and also the sea. The country consists of quite one,400 islands and islets, however solely 169 of them square measure peopled.

These Greek islands kind, one by one, a fantastic thing about nature. they're the foremost common Greek destinations, particularly in summer. massive or little, inexperienced or sterilised, ideal for cosmopolitan or restful vacations, one factor is for sure: of these islands have the required needs and facilities to supply you unforgettable vacations!

Greece could be a paradise for travelers - gorgeous scenery, rolling hills lined with olive groves, several monuments and traveller sites, recreational opportunities - all this makes the visit to Balkan country is exciting adventures. additionally to the obligatory trip also can want the ex gratia wycieczko.

A visit to choose?


Are within the vary, to not mention plans to go to Balkan country in Cnossus splendid. There reconstructed legendary palace of Minos. There also are attractions like the Minoan villa, palace of the good Muslim, The spacious Villa Empire and Empire approach, thought-about the oldest within the world. A privilege could be a visit to the depository of History monument Minoan civilisation.


Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest town, is packed with monuments of Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman. Travel Salonica, Greece, while not positively abundant poorer. The recent city, Running on the traditional stronghold, White Tower, bastion Salonica, Bay Salonicka, archaeologic depository, and Basilica of Sts. full general simply many points from the ex gratia tour to Salonica.

Samaria Gorge

You are a typical walker? you're keen on hiking? Then the Samaria Gorge hike around it's one thing for you!
It is the longest gorge in Europe. The expedition starts with a village Xyloskolo. it isn't a straightforward road, as a result of to handle the necessity for up to 6 hours, however the views square measure unforgettable . In some elements of the distinction between the speed as high as a thousand meters.

Top Athos

Cruise begins at the village of Ormos Panagias. throughout a visit to territorial dominion lovely, you'll be able to see the "Republic of monks," that is autonomous pockets. there's a historic religious residence Its still in physical fitness because it is currently peopled by monks. Republican monastic twenty monasteries. sadly, ladies don't have the correct to enter the territory of the Republic of monks. throughout the tour visited the tiny fishing village Ouranopolis wherever you'll be able to style, style ancient Greek preparation.

Another visit in Balkan country

Travel Balkan country will be extended even to go to, like a visit to the Meteora Monasteries-, Toroneos, Vergina, Spinalongi or Chalkidiki. additionally to tour town special, sort of a properly planned visit to Athens or offers like "Rhodes at Night".

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