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Kampung Tablanusu
Tablanusu village set within the district Depapre, Jayapura district, Papua province. within the fishing village that has been declared by the govt as a traveler village Jayapura is that the tourists able to be spoiled with numerous varieties of touristry, like jungle tours, beach tours, lakes, historical, and cultural touristry.

Before sinking within the village this stunning nan, ancestors Tablanusu society has touched doubly. 1st of all they're inhabiting 2 islands within the bay shortly from wherever they live currently. Caused by the wave that swept the region, the survivors then fled to a safer place. Then, the new settlement they named the recent Village. once inhabit this recent village, they worked as cultivators, with tubers and bananas because the mainstay crop. as a result of the population continues to grow, whereas the progressively restricted land for farming, they finally set to maneuver once more. once finding an acceptable location, the new settlement was later named Tablanusu, which implies the place wherever the sun sets. whereas at this Tablanusu their livelihoods shift from farming to fishing.

Attractions Kampung Tablanusu

Natural, beautiful, and exotic. That impression whereas within the traveler village of touristry Tablanusu. The impression has been ready to get pleasure from once traveling from Pier Depapre mistreatment motorized boat towards the dock Tablanusu paste. Because, on the approach, travelers are astonished to examine the inexperienced leaves of varied trees, clear ocean water, furthermore as rows of hills and mountains. The air is clean and funky traveler recreation complete satisfaction to the fishing village. to achieve the village will additionally be by ocean, by land conjointly.

Exotic and mystical atmosphere can forthwith ambushed travelers, therefore menginjakan foot within the traveler village. Because, in distinction to a fishing village generally ar conversant in the stretch of sand, a lot of of it shrouded touristry Village Tablanusu black coral. Any direction the views denote, simply a stretch of natural stone that appears shiny. Likewise, where stepped foot, coral trample sound invariably measured. Friction caused by the crushed stone resembling sobs, this fishing village was then referred to as by the name of the village "Weeping Rock". That said, the black coral that surrounds the village Tablanusu been there since their ancestors set to maneuver to the region. Coral stones may also be used as a natural reflexology foot.
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Another feature Tablanusu village populated around five hundred heads of households (HH) is found within the village body neatness. though solely atiny low village and was way corners, this village is well organized. as an example, within the village's autochthonic existing RT and RW. And, even each alley set within the village had no name. Another attraction, though comparatively little village, the people that inhabit this village typically divided into 10 tribes, the tribe Sumile, Danya, Suwae, Apaserai, Serantow, Wambena, Semisu, selli, Yufuwai, and Yakurimlen.

Another nice feature is that the accessibility of Kampung Tablanusu differing types of attractions in one place. It definitely provides house to the tourists to decide on the sort of recreation that consistent with his desires within the village that has a section of ​​approximately 230.5 hectares.

For historical interest, as an example, will see the remnants of the Allied Forces throughout warfare II. Moreover, consistent with history, this village had become one in all the allied base in jap state. Emplacement and former dock landing Allied troopers were among the remains of warfare II that may still be found here. alternative historical attractions may be a grave close to the church and a memorial cross. The place is believed to be the place of 1 of the native leaders and conjointly one in all the founders of the church. whereas the inscription cross erected to commemorate the entry of Christianity into Tablanusu village within the early 1900's.

For nature enthusiasts, the forest came to the village with the local people or get pleasure from the charm Dukumbo pristine lake. within the woods, guests will read a range of various varieties of plants and being attentive to the birds chirp. whereas there ar several natural lake fish, particularly milkfish (chanos chanos), fish genus fish (Oreochromis mossambicus), and carp (Cyprinus carpio).

For tourists UN agency wish to examine the orchids, it's counseled to go to the 2 islands ar set not too removed from the traveler village. simply some minutes alone with seafaring, tourists will see primary Papuan endemic orchids. within the afternoon, the 2 islands also are home to numerous species of birds stopover. The birds perch on twigs lined with trees and forming a fine looking landscape before sunset.

While the tourists UN agency wish to do another atmosphere, will visit the waters. Panorama beach nan good, clear and calm ocean, and therefore the gentle wind was processing breeze is among the attractiveness of the world waters. Besides fishing, the clear ocean water may also accommodate travelers UN agency wish to swim or dive. once diving, tourists are astonished at the wealth beneath the ocean, like coral reefs ar still maintained continuity and numerous varieties of fish that swim bergerombolan. If lucky, here tourists will see sharks. in addition, for travelers UN agency need to catch fish with the fishermen within the space, came to the beach Tablanusu at midnight. As fishermen generally, fishermen here conjointly visited ocean at midnight, particularly throughout the dark sky. Because, at that point the fish additional simply caught. Besides looking forward to the hook and spear fishermen during this region typically conjointly realize fish by diving to the lowest of the ocean among the torch.

If you are lucky, you'll witness primary the events and ceremonies typical of the touristry Village Tablanusu. as an example, the day of the entry of the Gospel to the village that is well known once a year. At that point, native individuals can march through the village, that over with Mass control in their little church. additionally, some locations within the waters, particularly the plentiful coral reefs, diruwat a year or each 2 years. to get the blessings of the ocean and at identical time to preserve the ocean, the people that populated the north coast of Jayapura district is holding 2 rituals, the rites and rituals Tiyatiki Sasi.

Ritual Sasi is obstructed ironwood branches coast (Suang pitcher) in places that lots of fish, particularly within the space may be a hive of reef fish. whereas the ritual aims Tiyatiki veto fishing for a few time has been prescribed.


Administratively, Village touristry within the region Tablanusu Depapre District, Jayapura district, Papua province, Indonesia.


For tourists UN agency wish to go to the touristry Village Tablanusu, to begin the journey from town of Jayapura, the capital of Papua province. From town of Jayapura, tourists will take a bus or alternative vehicle to town of Sentani, Jayapura regency capital. Sentani city is regarding thirty three kilometers from town of Jayapura. Upon arrival at Sentani city, trip followed by a bus or rent a automobile chartered toward Pier Depapre with a period of time of roughly one.5 hours. Through Depapre Pier, journey to Kampung touristry Tablanusu will proceed by land or by boat toward the dock Tablanusu engined paste takes regarding twenty minutes. After that, a visit to the Village touristry Tablanusu continued on foot.

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Accommodation and alternative Facilities

In the village touristry Tablanusu there ar numerous facilities, like tour guides, churches, rental boats, fish markets, and stalls that give a range of food, drinks, souvenirs and native communities. For tourists UN agency wish to remain, here is AN hotel "Suwae Resort" that consisted of many rooms (still beneath development) or rent a home locals (homestay). For tourists UN agency wish to mix with nature, will camp well in numerous locations within the village, like at the beach, on the sting of the lake, then forth. As for tourists UN agency would like to get adequate accommodation and facilities, will compass within the town of Sentani. within the capital town of Jayapura, the obtainable kiosks kiosks, web cafes, markets, restaurants, banks, searching souvenirs and souvenirs, furthermore because the house and hotels with numerous sorts.

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