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White Sand Dunes
 The roads to Mui Ne, Vietnam. Still from the series packing to three State five town and had antecedently visited the red desert, it's time we tend to visited alternative desert in Mui Ne. now we tend to visit the white desert (white sand dunes). initially we tend to failed to understand that at Mui Ne there are deserts aside from red desert (red sand dunes). Apparently there's additionally a white desert. If it may well be the colour of the flag of neighboring state tuh hahaha ... like what's it concerning the white desert (white sand dunes) in Mui ne this?

 White Sand Dunes

Desert (sand dunes) within the territory of Mui Ne into a illustrious traveller attraction to foreign tourists. On the thanks to the sand dunes, we are able to additionally see lots of dunes that frame the sand dunes on the coast of Mui Ne. it is a read that's seldom encountered in state.

Almost an equivalent as Red Sand Dunes, White Sand Dunes is additionally a reasonably in depth desert in Mui Ne. The distinction, White Sand Dunes of white sand. This makes the White Sand Dunes is exclusive. White sand that we tend to see on the beach, currently situated within the dry land and shaped the desert.


White Sand Dunes tend to be a lot of quiet than the Red Sand Dunes. At that point, a try of bride and groom World Health Organization was doing a aim prewedding. And, if you're tired, we tend to may have ordered coconut ice at a store that sells close to White Sand Dunes. Or would nyoba prewedding here?

Mui Ne

within the desert sand

"Oasis" within the desert sand

Not far from the White Sand Dunes, there's a pretty lake like AN oasis within the desert as a result of it's situated on the sting of the white desert. Therefore, the lake is termed White Lake or Bau Trang in Vietnamese. Not that the lake water is white ya understand, Myspace name to the lake milk once more hehehe ... perhaps it happened to be near the white desert?

From a distance, the white desert seems like sand dunes beside the quiet lake. terribly exotic by. Moreover, at that point the sky was bright with a mix of sentimental clouds, creating the white desert landscape is obtaining a lot of stunning.

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