Pantar Strait Marine Park Tourism

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Pantar Strait Marine Park TourismPantar Strait Marine Park Tourism is found in Alor regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

1. At a look

Pantar could be a ocean strait separating the island of Alor and Pantar Island. Recorded, on the average there area unit a hundred foreign tourists p.a. World Health Organization return to dive Pantar Strait Marine Park. Since the economic condition hit, in 2001, there have been 187 different, however next year solely 109 different. This figure ought to be fairly little considering the potential Pantar Strait marine park is incredibly massive.

Marine commercial enterprise Pantar Strait Marine Park has gorgeous bird's-eye underwater in order that the star and therefore the teaser for the different from round the world.

The beauty of the marine park waters encompassing the Strait Pantar Alor massive, Small Alor, Dulolong, crocodilian reptile Island, Kepa Island, compound island, and therefore the island temple.

B. Feature

Noted, there area unit twenty six purpose dive (dive spot) charming tourists. To-26 purpose diving is like, [*fr1] Moon Bay; Peter's Prize; crocodilian reptile Rook; Cave Point; The Edge; Coral Clitts; Baeylon; The Arch; Fallt Line; The pacth; Nite Delht; Kal's Dream; The Ball; Trip Top; The mlai Hall; No Man's Land; The Chatedral; School's Ut; till the purpose dive Shark shut. The last dive purpose terribly|is extremely|is incredibly} attention-grabbing as a result of it's a group of shark area unit very friendly with the diver.

In this marine park may also be found dolphin grey that is AN species.

C. Location

Pantar Strait marine park is found in Alor regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

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Pantar Strait Marine Park Tourism

D. Towards Access Locations

Tourists will return from Kupang, the ferry ride and takes regarding 12-13 hours, heading Larantuka. Then locomote to the picket boat into the harbor Kalabahi with a time period of regarding one hour. Kalabahi harbor front, placed in Alor islands, stretching Pantar Strait Marine Park.

E. Admission

Each traveller no entrance money.

F. Accommodation

Alor terra firma offered restaurants, lodging, tour guides, souvenirs and commerce Pantar Island.

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