Jogan beach tourism in yogyakarta

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Jogan beach tourism in yogyakarta

Exotic beach with Waterfall and clash in the South Sea Yogyakarta. The beach is located in Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Waterfall in the sea mouth is something rare in Indonesia, even the world. Hidden behind the karst hills, Gunung south of Yogyakarta turned out to save the waterfall that falls directly into the sea mouth. An irresistible charm.

Twilight participate welcome when arriving at Jogan Beach. Flanked by high cliffs typical limestone mountains, beach Jogan clash tub, a stream of water coming down the mountain to see the waves of the trip. Of the dozens of beaches scattered along the 71 kilometer coastal Gunungkidul Jogan Beach occupies a privileged position because of the presence of a waterfall that fell from the cliff into the sea mouth, reminiscent of the McWay Waterfall Beach in California. So far, not many travelers know about Jogan Beach. The exact location is in the west Siung often forgotten by the climbers who encouraged the spirit of embracing moleknya Siung.

To reach the beach Jogan, it took about two hours drive from Yogyakarta. Down the smooth asphalt roads, winding splitting karst hills is the remainder of the oceans millions of years ago. When we arrived at the Post Retribution Siung, meaning Jogan Beach is near, because about 400 meters from the post, you will see a wooden plank signpost towards Jogan. Replaces the smooth asphalt, footpath into the next guide, escort you to the river accompanied by two small on the left side that will be fused and then transformed into a waterfall. Unfortunately, its beauty can be seen only during the rainy season, while in the dry season water flow is very small coupled with water extraction activities for the sake of the citizens needs.

Jogan beach tourism in yogyakartaTo be able to enjoy a splash of water from the top of the cliff, we had to go down to the bottom. There are two ways to go down, first with techniques aka rappeling canyoning in a waterfall. Certainly necessary equipment and qualified ability to do so. Second, treading derivative slippery wet. Fortunately available wood handle as the support body. However, caution is required because of the steep path. After a steep and slippery rocks, the remaining one more challenge, we still have to pass through the reef inhabited by thousands of colored transparent baby crabs measuring about 5 mm. This is not a colony dwellers Christmas Island red crab (which is near the West Java but possessed Australia), but through it with bare feet is certainly not a simple matter. Residents used to take it for a cooked crab baby, be friends eating warm rice at a time when the rainy season. If lucky, visitors can also see hundreds of butterflies swarming in dry rocks.

Well, you came. Set against the purple sky at dusk, staring off into the Indian Ocean, watching the waves roll Poseidon throws that seemed ready to devour, while behind his back, the deafening sound of a waterfall, a sign of the swift water falls. No need to cringe, enjoy the hospitality splashing water when the legs touch the rigors of coral rock. Greet politely before you parted the curtain of water, entered the contest grojogan. Fresh pouring fresh water from rivers secret karst hills make us feel as Gunung aridity is a myth. Because in fact this area has a lot of water sources, which unfortunately is hidden in the bowels of the earth.

Jogan beach is the giver of freshness, like an oasis in the vastness stretch of white sand beach Gunung. As well as garnishes on the plate is too dear to be missed. The beach is right for you who want to feel different sensations of coastal paradise south of Yogyakarta.

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