Various Motif Batik

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Various Motif Batik

Batik is a legacy of tradition that has become part of community life of Indonesia. Hereditary batik has been handed down and preserved at the same time. With the cloth media, and canthing night, the people of Indonesia in particular areas of Central Java and Yogyakarta continue working to make batik, batik even more beautiful, terms of meaning and filosofi.Harmonisasi among humans, humans with nature and the creator, nor hope for a better life they pour in motifs and ornaments. For hundreds of years, must have been countless pieces of batik that has been generated. Some of the best of motives are:

1. Sida Mukti
2. Sida Luhur
3. Sida Asih
4. Rama cement
5. Sekar Jagad
6. Picis kawung
7. Truntum
8. baboon Angrem
9. Pringgondani
10. patched
11. Irian
12. Sri Kuncoro
13. lyrical
14. bloated
15. conch Renteng
16. Revelation Tumurun
17. Manggaran
18. Gegot
19. Bantulan

As for the motives of the best modern among others:

1. Pisang Mas
2. polkadot
3. turmeric Ribbon
4. Kanthil
5. mega Chance
6. hum Love
7. peacock
8. wine

These motifs have meaning and philosophy are different.
During its development, both painted batik on cloth media Primisima and silk fabric. with an increasingly diverse motives and material the better, hopefully the people of Indonesia "will" re-popularize batik wear as everyday clothing. Because the motive and the danger of a very diverse from the simple to the luxurious, batik fabrics are usually also used as clothes and everyday clothing for both home and offices. Many others are made of batik as a collection because "value" it is very high.

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