Exotic Beaches in the Caribbean Islands

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Anguilla Beach

Anguilla is a country that includes areas outside the country of the United Kingdom, located in the Caribbean region. Including the coastal states and has 5 main beach. Its main industry is the Caribbean coastal tourism and fisheries. This country was under the reign of Queen Elizabeth II as head of state, so of course the atmosphere of England was thick in the country.

Anguilla has become one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Like paradise with 33 beaches around the island fruit. This country does not have the land, the majority being the coast and islands. There are beaches that are part of Anguilla's Caribbean coast lies to the east of Puerto Rico. This beach has small islands which are equipped with luxury resorts and high standards. Even beach tourism has become the first ranking of top 10 beaches in the world.

Resorts in Anguilla provides a variety of barbeque and live music. At night, tourists can enjoy the night stars and moon while sitting and relaxing on the beach. At sunset, there will be a food festival on the beach serving a variety of foods ranging from Chinese food, seafood until the cocktail.

Captains Bay is one of the resorts beach. In this place than there are beautiful beaches, it would seem too small cove with cliffs. Located on the island State of Anguila and is located at the eastern tip of the island. The beach has beautiful white sand and is on both sides of the layer of rock cliffs. Beach resort is suitable for divers to see the beauty of the sea floor. In addition, suitable for hiking and picnicking activities while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Eastern shallow bay where tourism is in the form of a bay with a very beautiful beach. Even including the ten most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. This tourist spot is situated in the island State of Anguilla Shoal near the village. In addition to the beautiful white sand also contained a lot of palm leaves. On these beaches, there is a restaurant, boat rental and fishing activities. In addition, there are also tours with the ship while looking at the ocean floor and diverse flora and fauna through the glass.

The Valley is the capital of the country as well as a beautiful island. The Valley became tourist attractions

Anguila's belle

Anguilla is the place of the famous honeymoon belle of the world.
Many couples jet set through their romantic night here.
No wonder resor2 luxurious International standard tub built with natural exotic natural painting.
You can swim on the outskirts of Lagoon or barefoot along the beach with your partner, just to be alone

Anguilla beach lies between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, east of Puerto Rico precisely.
This island has everything, quiet, clean, modern and equipped with a versatile small pulau2 complete with all amenities.
So no one if the beach was ranked first in the TOP 10 WORLD BEST Beaches version of the Discovery Channel Travel and Adventure.

Some of the resorts here provide barberque feast and live entertainment to accompany tourists in the pick of the night, to accompany the stars and the moon looked beautiful.
However, if you want a more live entertainment, you'll get every Friday and Saturday at the Sandy ground, or at Shoal Bay each week and Wednesday.
Of all the bars there is one bar most popular and widely visited by the jet set, named Johnno bar, located on the beach.

If you want peace and need alone wrote, go to St. Martin by ferry you can rent at any time.
Although this place is prepared for the jestset, you are on vacation to this place can still enjoy food and drinks with a fairly cheap price.
Every sunset, there is a festival of food and beverages on the beach that serves a variety of chinese food, and natural seafood with outdoor dining atmosphere is wonderful and full cocktail.
Anguilla is the belle of admirers also offers cultural tours.
Although not large, there are 15 art galleries featuring the work of Anguilla.
In addition, if you are bored relaxing, there are a lot of adrenalin adventure tour.
Many resorts and hotels that offer exciting marine activities such as boating, sailing, fishing and diving.

Anguilla is one of the top 10 honeymoon destinations in the world. Anguilla is quickly becoming surge vacation for the rich and famous. The couple - couples gather here to enjoy the beaches, luxurious resorts, best food and natural beauty so natural. White sand beach is the best in the Caribbean. Anguilla offers a romantic occasion, such as swimming in the periphery Lagoon or walk on the beach in private.

It is a tropical paradise with 33 beaches with around the island. Anguilla does not have much land, so the beach and ocean are the majority, and possibly only attraction. Anguilla for certain target groups "upscale". Resorts it is not formal, they have a casual atmosphere with maintaining high standards for service, accommodation, and dining.

For those who like to eat, do not worry, because the restaurant-restaurant on the island is the best and offering a variety of Chinese cuisine, with seafood a natural atmosphere and outdoor dining. The hunt for cheap cocktails, nothing can match the sunset / sunset is accompanied with a "tipple" in bar2 on the beach.

Some resorts have a BBQ or live entertainment at night, but if you want a little more, try visiting Sandy Ground on Friday and Saturday, or Shoal Bay on Sunday and Wednesday. Johnno beach bar is a popular spot for live entertainment. If you want more action, you can try St. Martin, just need to ride the ferry is not too far away, there are a lot of evening entertainment, and gambling.

If you're tired of relaxing, there are many activities that can be tried. Many resorts and hotels are located on the beach and offer boating, sailing, fishing, and diving equipment for tipe2 adventurers are also available. For those who like culture, Anguilla, although small but has about 15 art galleries to visit and observe the talent of Anguilla. Wherever you want to go back, beautiful pantai2 just a few minutes.

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