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Maldives Beach

Scenery is very beautiful beaches, plus the blue color of the sea is very clear, do not be surprised if the State is located under the Sri Lanka has become a tourist destination as well as the world of Hollywood celebrities. In this place also many international hotels such as Hilton, Fourseason and so on.

But the Maldives are not only a place to beach tourism. The country has a population of only about 300,000 people from 2000 census, and the majority are Muslims. So this place there are many mosques. It is said that even the number of mosques in this country reached about seven hundred in 1991. One of the most famous mosque and most of it is The Grand Friday Mosque or Masjid-al Sultan Mohamed al-A'z'am Thakurufaanu.

Grand Friday Mosque is also an Islamic Center that offers a variety of international seminars. Located in Malé, the main island which is also the center of Malé Maldives looks coloring the sky with golden domes and towers are beautiful. Therein in the form of wood carvings decorate with beautiful Arabic calligraphy. This mosque was opened in 1984 by Maldives President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom at the time. The mosque itself can accommodate about 5000 people.

Besides sightseeing and visiting the beach Grand Friday Mosque, Maldives also offers many other tourist attractions that can be visited, among others:

The National Museum

The museum is located on a separate park with the Sultan's palace and the sultan's palace occupies a beautiful old building and save a lot of historical objects of this country.

Mulee Aage palace

This palace is situated in front of the Grand Friday mosque and was built in 1906. The palace was founded by Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III for his son, and was built before World War I.

Mosque Hukuru Miskiiy

The mosque is one of the oldest mosques in this country which was founded in 1956. This mosque was built during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar I.

Art Gallery Esjehi

Gallery is located in the east of Sultan Park and is one of the oldest buildings in this country.

Malé Fish Market

This market is very fun to visit because it sells various kinds of fish by selling typical Maldives.

charm Maldives

Enchantment has to offer Maldives. Nature is beautiful with the sea so clear and blue. It turned out that the Republic of Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, under Sri Lanka. In 2004, several islands in the Maldives is also hit by the tsunami. From Singapore, there are daily flights to the Maldives and eta 08:30 etd 22:30 (Maldives time 2 hours slower than Jakarta, with a flying time of about 4.5 hours). Male Airport, very simple.

Only consists of 2 parts ie ordinary airport runway and the airport with water for Seaplane. This airport is located on the island Hulule, about 2 km from the capital Jakarta Male.Bila out our airport taxi, so here we have to ride dhonny, motor boat to cross to Male.

After arriving at the new Jetty no taxis, no metered, so drop the MRF 15, - (Rufiyaa currency, of which USD 1.00 = MRF 12.75), at night or no baggage MRF 20, -.

Male city streets are very narrow and many of the motor, because the island is only about quite small with a population of nearly 150,000 people. Population in the Maldives alone about 300,000 people.

Maldives is made up of atoll islands which lie about 800km from north to south. Some consist of the resort, around the 80s, which is managed by international hotel chains such as Hilton, Fourseason and others.

Maldives sea view and beach is very beautiful, clear blue sea and some places we could see the bottom of the sea and the fish. For those who like diving, snorkelling, fishing, maybe this is an interesting place. I once asked diving package with a yacht, for a week around USD 1800-USD 3000.00 depending on the type of yacht and service.

Food here is heavily influenced India, such as curry. They used to eat with Rotti (like Parata, martabak thin) and tuna fish. Tuna fish and big fish are the main food.

Uniquely, they just take the meat. Meanwhile, the bone and its contents removed. Similarly, chicken, boneless. Only small fish used as bait fishing or maybe at the resort. If anyone could possibly make pempek Palembang skin

Villifushi and Dhaaru

Villifushi is depleted island hit by tsunami in 2004 and now rebuilt as a new permunkinan for the people of Maldives, with funding from the Netherlands and the UN.

Although the weather was very hot, but fit for fishing. For beginners though origin put fishing line, can get fish for snapper

the northern islands

Dhuaafaruu its name, this island is being rebuilt by the contractor Singapore, ex tsunami.
of the island Ongoofaaru, about 10-15 minutes by motor boat.

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