Beaches Fernando De Noronha Brazil Tourism

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Beaches Fernando de Noronha Brazil

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and included in the Unesco World Heritage list as the most beautiful marine park in the world., next destination will be here

A sparsely populated islands are located off the northeast coast of Brazil, known as a destination dive with dolphins, shipwrecks and psychedelic rock all available for viewing under water .. A tropical island, 545 km away from the coast of Pernambuco State Brazil. And the most beautiful beaches in the world, with more than 2,000 residents and where tourism is developed in stages, creating a chance meeting between man and nature in one of the places most ecologically important in the world. To enjoy the natural attractions of this we have to travel to Noronha and requires a minimum of 5 days. The average annual temperature is 26 degrees Celsius.

Noronha has 16 beaches, five of which were with limited access for preservation purposes. Among others, the most frequently visited is the beach Cachorro, Conceicao, Americanos, and Cacimba Quixaba do Padre. All these beaches have fine-grained sand and warm water. On some beaches, such as the Baia dos Porcos and Sueste Baia, there are natural pools formed by water trapped in between the reefs; the perfect place to bring children berrekreasi. Fernando de Noronha is also suitable for diving. This island was once the top of the mountain, part of a chain of volcanoes that erupted several million years ago. and has a surface with a steep slope, which allows to see more in seawater. The entire island for diving, but some place like Baia dos Sanchos, concentrating as dive operators.

Recently some higher standard hotel built but because of land, electricity and fuel scarce commodity here, not many places such as luxury, shopping centers, air conditioning and neons.Noronha have the shortest paved road in Brazil. In addition to rides, the small island of inducing another way of socialization.  with themes such as sharks or dolphins, these meetings attract large audiences who are interested in learning more about nature and its preservation. Dolphins Bay is home to more than 1,000 dolphins, which will return there to rest when the sun goes down, after spending a full day at sea to find food.

Hemm was no mistake here you will find a great hotel, except Pousadas (the original home of the population) because they hold the concept visitors can come together and communicate with nature. The most interesting is biodiversity, which until the century - 19, the beach covered with forests towering into the sky.
Half beach areas covered by shrub-prepared into secondary forests for domestic and international tourists.
There are 15 endemic plants and two birds on the beach this is a matter of observation researchers world.

No doubt fernando de Noronha is considered as the best place in the world for diving.
You can enjoy the ocean depths with different difficulty levels.
From 8 meters to 63 meters to a depth for certified divers.

Here are also spectacularly beautiful landscape offered to surf, namely Laje Cacimba and Concecio.
If you are interested in visiting Fernando, came between March and November, warm sea water fit for diving.
Like others, if you want to surf, you are advised to come between December to February.
Feel the wind will take you climbing the waves with your heart racing.

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