Madina Saudi Arabia

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Madina Saudi Arabia

Medina or Al Madinah Munawwarah: مدينة رسول الله or المدينه, (also Madinat Rasul Allah, Medina an-Nabi) is the main city in Saudi Arabia. Is a bustling city diziarahi or visited by the Muslims. There are the Prophet's Mosque has merit and virtue for Muslims. Today, its population of about 600,000. For Muslims the city is regarded as the second holy city. At the time of the Prophet Muhammad, the city became the center of preaching, teaching and the Islamic government. From this city of Islam spread throughout Arabia and throughout the world.


Madina Saudi Arabia Tourism

Madina Tourism

In the days before Islam developed, the city of Medina called Yathrib, known as a center of trade. Then when the Prophet Muhammad emigrated from Mecca, the city was renamed Medina as the center of the development of Islam until he died and was buried there. Furthermore, the city became the center of the Caliphate as the successor to the Prophet Muhammad. There are three caliphs who ruled from this city of Abu Bakr, Umar, and Uthman ibn Affan. At the time of Ali ibn Abi Talib government moved to Kufa in Iraq because of political turmoil caused by the killing of the caliph Uthman by the rebels. Furthermore, when power shifted to the children of the Umayyad, the government moved to Damascus and when the government moved to the sons Abassiyah, the government moved to the city of Baghdad. At the time of Prophet Muhammad, Medina city dwellers are people who are Muslims and Jews are protected existence. However for treason committed against the people of Medina when Ahzab war, the Jews were driven out of Medina.
Now the holy city of Mecca with Medina was under royal government services in Saudi Arabia.


Geographically, the city is flat, surrounded by mountains and hills and desert climates. The highest temperature ranges between 30 ° C to 45 ° C in summer time, and average temperatures ranging between 10 ° C to 25 ° C.

Saudi Arabia Tourism



Of economic sectors, agriculture and plantation sectors are especially palm plantations that have been known since the past, the Arab population and livestock should trade coupled with the service sector, especially services for pilgrims of whom is the business of hospitality and lodging.


In addition to the city center known as the development of Islam. Medina is also a center of Islamic education since the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Also many clerics and Islamic scholars who emerged from the Medina of whom was Imam Malik. Currently there are various Jami'ah Medina (University) and other Islamic universities colleges.

Madina Saudi Arabia world Tourism

Saudi Arabia world Tourism

The virtue of madina

As one of the holiest cities of Islam, Medina has a number of virtues, namely:
Place a prioritized mention of his name in the Quran.
What makes Medina as Haram (holy) is God Almighty.
Prohibition hunting and hunting in Medina.
Prohibition of cutting trees, pulling and picking up items scattered.
Prohibition to take up arms and fight in it.
proscribe innovation
Allah chose Medina as a place of pilgrimage the Prophet Muhammad.
Allah chose Medina as a place of the Prophet Muhammad disemayamkannya bodies.
Medina cleansed of Shirk.
Faith will return to Medina.
Blessing in Medina multiplied.
Antichrist must not enter Medina.
Medina will not be penetrated by a sense of trepidation to the Antichrist.
Medina will not be entered by the plague Ta'un.
Transfer of disease from Medina to Juhfah.
Prohibition killed the snake before it was given a warning for 3 days due to genies there are many who embraced Islam and they like to change shape into animals of these snakes.
Prompts for living in Medina.
Suggestion that died in Medina.
Unbelievers should not be entered Medina.
Alim clerical more pious of the clergy in others.
The soil as a healer (Shifa ')
Intercession for those who wait on trials in Medina.
Satan desperate to worship in Medina.
Prayer for prayer as the Prophet Abraham Medina to Mecca.
Angels guard it until the Day of Judgement.
Medina bathed in light on day of arrival the Prophet Muhammad.
The penalty for people who mendzalimi people of Medina.
Worshipping at the Prophet's Mosque reward multiplied.

virtue of the mountain of Uhud

world Tourism

Madina islamic world Tourism

Mount Uhud the Prophet Muhammad loved and vice versa.
From Anas bin Malik r.a, Messenger of Allah said:
"Verily Uhud is a mountain that loves us and we loved her too." "
(Approved by Al-Bukhari and Muslim)
Mount Uhud shook when the Prophet Muhammad and his companions when standing on it
From Anas bin Malik, the Messenger of Uhud mountain climbing along with Abu Bakr ra, ra ​​Umar ra and Ustman When it shook the mountain of Uhud. Then the Prophet Muhammad stamped her foot and said:
"Be still, ye, O Uhud, because it is truly over you are a Prophet, a Siddiq and two martyrs"
(Narrated by Bukhari)

Primacy of Wadi Al-Aqiq

Allah Almighty has made ​​it as a place full of blessings.
Prophet took stopover in this wadi on the way home from the Hajj.

The virtue of Al-Baqi Cemetery

Madina Saudi Arabia Islamic Center world Tourism

1 Madina Saudi Arabia world Tourism

Al-Baqi cemetery area 'is an area of ​​the funeral of the Prophet's Companions, Tabi, Tabi'ut tabi'in, and the scholars and pious people afterwards. The Prophet often visited him at night and pray and beg forgiveness for those who are interred in this cemetery
Among the prayer he taught us for expert al-Baqi ':
"Peace on you, O inhabitants of the Tomb of the believers and Muslims. God have mercy on them earlier and then from among us, and indeed with the permission of Allah we will follow you"
"Peace on where you live people who believe, and have come up on what items you have promised you, you are deferred until the next day and with the permission of Allah we will follow you, O God, forgive the inhabitants of Baqi 'al-Gharqod "
The bodies are buried in the Baqi 'will be raised first in Padang Mahsyar
70,000 from the inhabitants of Baqi 'resurrected and enter Paradise without reckoning.

Madina Saudi Arabia world best Tourism

Madina Islamic Tourism

Primacy of the Prophet's Mosque

It is advisable to come to the mosque Nabawi advance for travelers who are traveling home
Diasaskan mosque on the basis of taqwa
Reward multiplied prayers
Reward for those who pray 40 rak'ahs in the mosque Nabawi
It should not be raising your voice
Virtue anyone who came to the mosque Nabawi both as teacher and student
Raudhah including a glorious place
Pulpit was on the lake the Prophet Muhammad.
Berkhutbah pulpit where the Prophet Muhammad was under the door of heaven
Cries and rajukan stem Tamar
The pillars of the mosque pulpit became pillars in heaven
The penalty for anyone who swear falsely in the pulpit

Madina Saudi Arabia world best Tourism Islamic

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