Abu Dhabi Capital of The world Best Tourism

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Abu Dhabi Capital of The World Best Tourism Service

Observers say that the Abu Dhabi tourism is now one of the best in the world capital of tourism services, in addition to the attention of governments who want to make the emirate a world tourist destination, Emirates news agency (WAM) reported (22 / 8).

Elias Sarkis, Director General of Abu Dhabi Sands Hotel Abu Dhabi said that currently experiencing a real resurgence in tourism.


Beauty City

UAE plan to make Abu Dhabi a major tourist destination in the region for international tourism exhibitions, conferences, entertainment and shopping, added Sarkis.

Emirate of Abu Dhabi will continue to host sports and cultural activities, said Sarkis.

Sarkis stressed the importance of Abu Dhabi government's efforts to consolidate the city's status as capital of culture and sport tourism in the region.

World Tourism

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Good cooperation between the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and the union of airline companies will lead to achieving the best results in the next stage in terms of increasing the number of visitors and guests, especially considering the economic and cultural activities and tourism which occurred in the UAE.

Promotional campaigns conducted abroad by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority contributed to the decline in price of hotel rooms in the emirate as a result of sustained growth in an increasing number of visitors.

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Seeing the growth of the tourism sector in Abu Dhabi, owner of the company's Sands Hotel, Pearl Azur has allocated about 50 million dirhams to renovate the entire hotel in two phases to balance urban development and tourism that took place in Abu Dhabi.

Hotel occupancy in the summer is also increased sharply, especially from families who attended a Gulf of summer festival held in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority

Abu Dhabi, UAE; New Heaven enthusiast Shopping

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Now the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE) was developed into the city shopping world and its government tried to make it as a haven for travelers who like to shop.

To achieve this proficiency level, the UAE government to make policy as well as a maknet to attract shopping enthusiast from around the world. Maknet is zero tax policy (tax free) for various types of goods. That way the prices of products offered will be less expensive when compared with prices in Singapore or Australia.

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In an effort to make this city as a shopping center of the world, local government also built a number of locations or shopping malls with very modern architecture. At the mall, the buyer also must be smart to bid if you do not want to get marked up prices. However, if at the mall, in general implement the price is not far from the basic price. However, in traditional markets, can offer up to 50 percent of the price that was opened first by the seller.

In addition to the Mediyat, there is also a mall located in the reforestation project along the waterfront, the Corniche. Marina Mall provides a full range of products the world of luxury and unique local products. Blend was incorporated in the design of semi-modern mall with a tent roof design that makes the center of the mall seem broad and high.

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Mall with modern designs also appeared in the Abu Dhabi Mall is located in the eastern part of downtown, near the Beach Rotana Hotel and Le Meridien Hotel. For some time longer, the city will have two major malls, namely, Khalidiya Mall and Al Raha Beach Mall. Procurement of the shopping center all in an effort to make this city as a shopping destination of world travelers.

In addition to shopping centers, there are also shops for souvenir shopping and daily necessities along Khalifa and Hamdan Street. Price range of products here even much cheaper. Various products Middle East countries and other countries are offered at affordable prices.

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In general, local people are very fond of perfume. This includes the most popular items among the products of clothing, jewelry, and others. Therefore, quite naturally when at various stores or shopping center there provides a variety of world famous perfume.

"Here, we sell a range of perfumes. There are stores selling typical local Arabic perfumes, there are also stores that mix your own perfume with a mix of local and French perfume. We also have a special perfume shops selling famous brand, "said Salim, a seller of products perfume at Marina Mall.

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The visitors can shop in the morning starting at 9:00 to 15:30 (local time). At-16:00 to 18:00, closed shops. All new shopping places reopen around 18:00 until 23:00 and even some are serving customers until 24.00. "All visitors, including a woman can walk the streets at night without feeling anxious. You see, the crime rate here is very low, "said the Marketing Division of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Saoud Salem Al Neyadi.

Some traditional markets also complement the needs of residents and visitors for food ingredients. For example, near the port area of ​​Al Meena Street, there is a market of vegetables and fruits. There are also warehouses and housewares merchant wholesales dates. In fact, there are also special markets of Iran and craft products. In this market we can get the bed sheets, carpets, and pottery typical of Iran. Afghan carpets market is also located in Meena's path.

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Before burning, there is a traditional market with small shops at Al Ittihad Square. However, currently being built again for hundreds of Islamic style small shops that will sell many products such as various kinds of spices, aromatic products, fabrics, garments, gold, silver, souvenirs, household supplies, and electronic products.

The country is also famous for its good quality gold products. Average jewelry and products is 22-24 carat gold. Arab society is like gold jewelry, especially the women. Therefore, no wonder if there is some special place for gold jewelry sales center, such as the Gold Center in downtown Abu Dhabi and also along Hamdan Street and a few shops in Jalan Khalifa.

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Who does not know Abu Dhabi, capital of Bahrain are famous with many attractive tourist destination.
Travel lovers certainly agree mendapuk Abu Dhabi as one of the world's top tourism destination for presenting tours that take up the attention.

"Abu Dhabi is one of the world's top tourism destination because of the large tourism infrastructure and tourism in the area of ​​services," an expert on tourism uajr Monday (8/22/2011) as reported by the Times Of India.

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Elias Sarkis, general manager of Abu Dhabi Sands Hotel, said the emirate of Abu Dhabi is experiencing explosive increase in the tourism sector which suggests that efforts are being made ​​to make Abu Dhabi a major tourist destination, especially in the field of international conferences, entertainment and shopping.

Sarkis also noted that Abu Dhabi is often menggela sports and arts events that have had great success at the regional and international levels. Proof of the validity of Formula One and MotoGP perheltaan setiat held annually in this oil-rich country.

Sarkis hopes that hotel occupancy will increase in coming months.

Wikipedia writes Abu Dhabi is the second most expensive city for foreign employees in the country, and the most expensive city to-50 in the world.
While the media leading Fortune and CNN said that Abu Dhabi is home to 1 million people it is the richest city in the world.

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