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Prambanan Temple

Candi Rara or Lara Jonggrang Jonggrang located in Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia. This temple is situated on the island of Java, about 20 km east of Yogyakarta, 40 km west of Surakarta and 120 km south of Semarang, just on the border between the provinces of Central Java and Yogyakarta. Rara Jonggrang temple Prambanan located in the village whose territory is divided between the districts of Sleman and Klaten.
This temple was built in about the year 850 AD by one of these two men, namely: Rakai Pikatan, the second king of Mataram dynasty I or Balitung Maha Sambu, during Sanjaya dynasty. Not long after being built, the temple was abandoned and deteriorating.


In 1733, this temple was found by the CA. Lons a Dutch national, then in 1855 Jan Willem IJzerman start to clean and move some rocks and soil from the chambers of the temple. some time later Isaac Groneman perform large-scale demolition and temple stones were piled haphazardly along the River Opak. In 1902-1903, Theodoor van Erp keep parts are prone to collapse. In the years 1918-1926, followed by the Bureau of Archeological (Oudheidkundige Dienst) under PJ Perquin in a more methodical and systematic, as known to his predecessors did the removal and demolition of thousands of stone without thinking of the restoration effort kembali.Pada De Haan in 1926 continued until his death in 1930. In 1931 was replaced by Ir. V.R. van Romondt up in 1942 and later handed over leadership to the son of Indonesia's renovation and continued until 1993 .

Many parts of the temple are renovated, using new stone, because many of the original stones were stolen or reused elsewhere. A temple will only be restored when at least 75% of the original stone is still there. Therefore, many small temples are not rebuilt and only visible foundations only.
Now, this temple is a protected site by UNESCO since 1991. Among other things this means that the complex is shielded and has a special status, eg also in situations of war.
Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia, the main building height is 47m.
This temple complex consists of 8 main shrines or temples and more than 250 small temples.
Three main temple called Trisakti and presented to the hyang Trimurti: Shiva Batara the Destroyer, Vishnu the Preserver and Batara Batara Brahma the Creator.

Shiva temple in the middle, contains four rooms, one room in every direction of the wind. While the former contains a statue of Shiva Batara as high as three meters, the other three statues contain a smaller size, the statue of Durga, Shiva Batara sakti or wife, Agastya, his teacher, and Ganesha, his son.
Durga is also known as Rara or Lara / Loro Jongrang (slender virgin) by the locals. For details see the article Loro Jonggrang.

Two other temples dedicated to Vishnu Batara, facing to the north and the other Batara dedicated to Brahma, who is facing south. In addition there are several other small temples dedicated to the calf Nandini, vehicle Batara Shiva, the Goose, vehicle Batara Brahma, and the Garuda, Vishnu Batara vehicle.
Then relief around the edge twenty temples depict the epic Ramayana. The version described here is different from Kakawin Old Javanese Ramayana, but similar to the Ramayana story passed down through oral tradition. Besides the temple complex is surrounded by more than 250 temples of different sizes and are called ancillary. Inside the temple complex of Prambanan there are also museums that store historical objects, including stone god Shiva Linga, the emblem kesuburun.

On the wall of the balustrade of the temple of Shiva and Brahma temples carved reliefs of the Ramayana story, while on the fence steps carved reliefs Krisnayana Vishnu temple. Shiva temple entrance from the east turn left you will find the story of Ramayana reliefs clockwise, the next story continued relief in the temple of Brahma.

Prambanan temple is known as a Dutchman named kembai CALons visited Java in 1733 and reported on the existence of temple ruins overgrown with shrubs. The first attempt to save time by IJzerman Prambanan Temple in 1885 by cleaning the cubicles of the ruins of stone temples. In 1902 just started a job coaching, led by Van Erp for the Shiva temple, Vishnu temple and Brahma temple. Attention to Prambanan temple continues to grow. In 1933 successfully arranged trial Brahma and Vishnu temple. After experiencing a variety of obstacles, on December 23, 1953 Shiva temple completely refurbished. Brahma temple began in 1978 restored and inaugurated in 1987. Vishnu started refurbished in 1982 and was completed in 1991. Subsequent restoration activities carried out on three ancillary temples that are in front of the temple of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma temples besarta 4 color and 4 corner temples / peg.

Prambanan temple complex built by Wamca Kings (Dynasty) Sanjaya in the 9th century. Prambanan is the enshrinement in the main temple complex facing east, with the overall shape resembles a mound at 47 feet tall puppet. Hinduism knows Tri Murti of Brahma as the Creator, Lord Vishnu as the Preserver, Lord Shiva as the Destroyer. The main chamber of the main temple of Lord Shiva is occupied as the Supreme Deity so it can be concluded Prambanan temple is Shiva. Or Shiva Prambanan temple is also often referred to as the temple of Loro Jonggrang related to the legend that tells of a virgin who Jonggrang or a tall girl, the daughter of King Boko, who built his empire on the hill south of the temple complex of Prambanan.

The edge is limited by the balustrade of the temple, which is decorated with reliefs of Ramayana can be enjoyed when we berperadaksina (walk around the temple with cansi center is always on the right of us) through the alley. The story continues on the balustrade of Brahma temple located on the left (south) of the main temple. Being on the balustrade of Vishnu temple is located on the right (north) of the main temple, carved reliefs depicting the story Kresnadipayana childhood story of King Krishna as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu in combating keangkaramurkaan who want sweeping the world.

Booth overlooking the main temple to the north contains Parung Durga, the consort of Lord Shiva, but generally people call it a statue of Roro Jonggrang, which according to legend, the stone statues before the living body of a beautiful princess, who was condemned by the knights Bondowoso, to complement its ability to create a thousand statues in one night.

The temple of Brahma and Vishnu temples each have one room that is occupied by statues of the gods in question.

The third front of the temple of the god Trimurti that there are three temples containing the vehicle (vehicle) is the third god. The third temple has now been restored and the only temple in the middle (in front of Shiva temple) which still contains a statue of a bull named Nandi, vehicle of Lord Shiva.

Statue of geese as a vehicle of Brahma and Vishnu statues eagle as a vehicle which is expected before filling chambers of the temple is located in front of the second temple deity has now been restored.

Sixth temple represent two groups facing each other, located on a page of a square, with sides 110 feet long.

Inside the pages are still standing other temples, the temple is 2 pieces clamp with a height of 16 meters facing each other, that a stand on the north and the other standing in the south, 4 color and 4 temples temples sedut.

Pages in Hindu society which is considered as the most sacred page, located in the middle of the central courtyard which has 222 meters, and at first contain ancillary temples of 224 pieces in rows around the page in 3 nautical

Prambanan Hindu Temple Beautiful in the World

Prambanan is incredibly beautiful building built in the 10th century during the reign of two kings, Rakai Rakai Pikatan and Balitung. Rose as high as 47 feet (5 meters higher than Borobudur temple), the foundation of this temple has fulfilled the desire to show Hindu triumph in Java Island. This temple is located 17 kilometers from the city center, in the middle of the area that is now a beautiful park.

There is a legend that Javanese people always tell about this temple. Once, a man named Roro Jonggrang Bondowoso love. Because of his love, Jonggrang asked Bondowoso make 1000 temples with statues in one night. The request was nearly fulfilled Jonggrang asked the villagers to pound rice and make a big fire that created an atmosphere like the morning. Bondowoso who only completed 999 statues cursed into a statue to Jonggrang-1000 because he felt cheated.

Prambanan temple has three main temples in the primary yard, namely Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva. These three temples are symbols of Trimurti in Hindu belief. The third temple was facing to the east. Each main temple has accompanying temple facing to the west, namely Nandini for Shiva, Swan to Brahma, and Garuda for Vishnu. In addition, there are two temples wedge, 4 temples color, and 4 corner temples. In the second had 224 temples.

Entering Shiva temple located in the middle and the highest building, you will find a room 4. One main room with a statue of Shiva, while the other 3 chambers each containing a statue of Durga (Shiva's wife), Agastya (Shiva's teacher), and Ganesha (the son of Shiva). Durga is mentioned as a statue of Roro Jonggrang described in the legend above.

In the Vishnu temple is located in the north of the temple of Shiva, you will only find one room with a statue of Vishnu. Brahma temple, which lies south of Shiva temple, you will only find one room with a statue of Brahma.

Quite attractive accompanying temple is Garuda temple located near the Vishnu temple. This temple keeps a story of half-bird called Garuda. Garuda is a mythical bird in Hindu mythology who was gold, white face, red wings, beak and wings like eagles. Estimated, figure is Hindu adaptation of Bennu figure (meaning 'sunrise' or 'shining', associated with the god Re) in ancient Egyptian mythology or Phoenix in Greek mythology. Garuda succeeded in saving his mother from the curse of Aruna (Garuda's brother who was born handicapped) by stealing Tirta Amrita (holy water of the gods).

Ability to save that which is admired by many people until now and are used for various purposes. Indonesia uses the symbol of the state. That said, the emblem of Garuda Pancasila creator for inspiration in this temple. Other countries also use it to sign the country is Thailand, with the same reason but different form adaptation and appearance. In Thailand, Garuda is known as Krut or Pha Krut.

Prambanan also has panels of relief describing the story of Ramayana. According to experts, the relief is similar to the Ramayana story is revealed through oral tradition. Another interesting relief is Kalpataru tree that the Hindu religion is considered as a tree of life, sustainability and environmental compatibility. At the Prambanan reliefs depicted Kalpataru trees flanking the lion. The existence of this tree makes experts consider that the people of the 9th century had wisdom to manage its environment.

Just like the figure of Garuda, Kalpataru is now also used for various purposes. In Indonesia, Kalpataru became a symbol of Environment (Walhi). In fact, some scientists in Bali to develop the concept of Tri Hita Karana for environmental conservation by seeing Kalpataru relief in this temple. Tree of life can also be found in the mountains that used to open the puppet arts. A proof that the relief panels in Prambanan has worldwide.

If careful, you can also see various birds relief, this time a real bird. Bird reliefs at Prambanan are so natural that biologists can identify to genus level. One was relief of Yellow-crested Cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea) that invites questions. Why, the bird was actually just there Masakambing Island, an island in the Java Sea. Then, whether the type that was once widely available in Yogyakarta? Please find out yourself. Because, until now no single person who could solve the mystery.


In ancient times the island of Java, especially in the area stand two pieces Prambanan Hindu kingdom is the kingdom of Pengging and Kraton Boko. Pengging kingdom is a fertile and prosperous work led by a wise and prudent king named King Damar Moyo and had a son, a man named Raden Bondowoso.

Kraton Boko is in territory Pengging kingdom ruled by a cruel king and insolence which no ordinary man but the intangible tangible huge giant who likes to eat human flesh, named Prabu Boko. However, Prabu Boko had a beautiful daughter and lovely tub of Khayangan angel named Princess Loro Jonggrang.

King Boko also have a tangible giant named duke duke Gupolo. King Boko wanted to rebel and want to master Pengging kingdom, then he and the duke of Gupolo gather strength and gather equipped by training young men to be soldiers and asked for people's property for the stock.

Having considered sufficient preparation, Prabu Boko and then departed to the kingdom Pengging soldiers to revolt. Then was war in the Kingdom Pengging between the soldiers and the soldiers Pengging lawyer Boko Palace.

Many of the casualties on both sides and the people Pengging be suffering because of war, many people hunger and poverty.

Knowing his people suffering and many casualties of soldiers who died, the King of Damar Moyo sent his son Prince Bondowoso go to war against King Boko and terjadilan a very fierce war between the Prince Bondowoso against King Boko. Because the miracle Raden Bondowoso Prabu Boko then be destroyed. Seeing the king died, the duke of Gupolo escape. Raden Bondowoso pursue Patih Gupolo to Kraton Boko.

After arriving at Kraton Boko, Patih Gupolo reported on Princess Loro Jonggrang that his father had been killed on the battlefield, killed by a knight named Raden Pengging Bondowoso. Princess Loro Jonggrang wept, sad heart because his father had been killed on the battlefield.

Then cometh Raden Bondowoso at Kraton Boko and was troubled, Raden Bondowoso saw Princess Loro Jonggrang is beautiful, then he wants to marry Princess Loro Jonggrang as his wife.

However Princess Loro Jonggrang not want dipersunting Raden Bondowoso because he had killed his father. To reject the proposal Raden Bondowoso, then Princess Loro Jonggrang have finesse. Princess Loro Jonggrang manu dipersunting Raden Bondowoso as long as he could grant the two requests Princess Loro Jonggrang. The first request, Princess Loro Jonggrang asked for Jalatunda wells while the second request, Princess Loro Jonggrang asked for 1000 temples in one night.

Raden Bondowoso undertakes second daughter of the request. Immediately Raden Bondowoso make a well Jalatunda and after so he called Princess Loro Jonggrang to see the well.

Then Princess Loro Jonggrang sent Raden Bondowoso into the wells. After Raden Bondowoso into the wells, Princess Loro Jonggrang ruling duke of wells and Raden Gupolo hoard was buried Bondowoso stone in the well. Princess Loro Jonggrang and Patih Gupolo assume that Raden Bondowoso has died at the well but in the well Bondowoso Raden was not dead then he meditated to get out of the wells and Raden Bondowoso out of the well safely.

Raden Bondowoso Princess Loro Jonggrang met with furious that has accumulated itself in the well. But because beauty Princess Loro Jonggrang Raden Bondowoso anger subsided.

Then Princess Loro Jonggrang bill promises a second request to the Prince Bondowoso to make 1000 temples in one night. Bondowoso Raden then immediately ordered the genie to make the temple but the Princess Loro Jonggrang want to frustrate Prince Bondowoso make the temple. He ordered the girls to pound and burning straw to look bright for the sign of the morning had arrived and the cock was crowing interchangeably.

Hear the cock crowing and people pound rice and visible light in the east then the genie stop making temples. Jin reported on Prince Bondowoso that genie can not continue to make less of the temple since morning had arrived. But the hunch Raden Bondowoso am not yet arrived. Then it was called Princess Loro Jonggrang temple and was told to calculate the sums are 999 temples, lived an unfinished temple.

So Princess Loro Jonggrang not want dipersunting Raden Bondowoso. Because the deceived and tricked the Prince Bondowoso once wrath and curse Princess Loro Jonggrang "Hi Loro temple Jonggrang genapnya less one and one thousand thou art". So bizarre Princess Loro Jonggrang it turned into a statue of stone sculpture.

And until now the statue of Loro Jonggrang statues still exist at Prambanan and Raden Bondowoso condemned the girls around Prambanan be a virgin kasep (spinster) for helping Princess Loro Jonggrang.

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