Bugis Junction in Singapore

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Bugis Junction, which is located above Bugis MRT Station, is a mall location that is covered with a glass roof, this is the first in Singapore. Inside the mall is air-conditioned and we can go sightseeing and shopping in the midst of building her architectural nostalgia. Coherent with the style of houses in China Bugis Junction exudes a charm of history and also provide a modern shopping mall. We will feel the atmosphere of the old city in a new city. At Bugis Junction, we are invited to stroll while shopping in a comfortable sun or shopping under the stars at night, but with a glass enclosed indoor mall. Bugis Junction is a place where many people come together for shopping, dining, entertainment and enjoy a unique shopping experience.

Bugis Junction was built in 1995 and is located on Victoria Street, Middle Road and North Bridge Road Singapore. Position right opposite Bugis Junction Bugis Street. When we taste the region then we can move like the way or at Bugis Junction Bugis Street. Both give different shades of shopping. Bugis Street gives susana like shopping in the market, with no air conditioning and in open space.

For those of you who want to shop like clothing or something that her original brand you will find at Bugis Junction this. So also for electronic goods such as computer store, cell phone shop to shop gadget here. As we see we'll find stores such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, LG, etc.. If you want to search for latest electronic perangka then you can stop at Bugis Junction this.

Here also there is a small kiosk, where they sell accessories such as watches, women's jewelry, electronic accessories, as well as foods. Not only expensive item sold here, the goods five feet with good quality are also available here, you just look around and pick and choose which ones you like. The stalls are located on the ground floor. In this area are also often held where the promotion of a product (a scope is not great exhibition).

When we are bored to spend, at Bugis Junction is also a place for you who want to find a book. Here are some books like Kinokunia stores and shops of children's books and other spiritual. Bookstores located on the top floor. So also when you get hungry on the floor above there is an area for dining (Food Junction).

At Bugis Junction there is also a cinema showing Hollywood movies. The atmosphere here is quite alive and vibrant, because almost all the shopping and entertainment needs here. When you use the vehicle cab, the authors suggest to return home from Bugis Junction this should not be fitted at the time the mall closed, because many people who want to use a taxi to go home, we might join the queue that could take nearly an hour. In Singapore for atrian waiting for a taxi is very orderly, no serobot, all orderly line waiting place that has been provided.

Happy shopping and entertainment in Bugis Junction!

Bugis Street, located in the city-state of Singapore, renowned internationally from 1950 to the year 1980, namely a night where the famous collection of flamboyant drag queen dress parade which attracted the attention of foreigners, especially sailors and military personnel during their rest & relax. It makes a phenomenon that made it one of Singapore's premier tourist destination during that period. And at that time in the evenings around the edge of the road came by wagon many merchants to offer a wide selection of cheap goods and snack foods, then this place is also known as the Night Market.

In the mid-1980s, Bugis Street must be demolished to make way Mass Rapid transport. Hawker stalls and street vendors should be relocated to other areas in Singapore. In 1988, as part of an effort to preserve, Singapore Tourism Board re-develop iconic sites and tourist attractions, then recreated Bugis Street.

After experiencing a renewal of close about 600 stores, making pride and Bugis Street became known as the location of the largest shopping street in Singapore. With increasing current, there will ditargetikan 800 stores in mid-2010. In the middle of a busy street, shoppers can find a variety of selling clothes, bags, shoes, belts, watches, earrings, silver accessories, souvenirs and local products are more unique design. Maintaining the identity of shopping streets, the buyer can make a bargain price negotiation skills, this is the fun and uniqueness of Bugis Street.

The prices offered here are very friendly, not just that a lot of selling goods, food and drinks too many stores provide. If in Jakarta Indonesia flavor-it's like in the Arts and Crafts boutiques, you can shop with snack foods and beverages. Time does not feel when we walk here, because many things can be seen. Bugis Street is very much visited by people from various countries.

Bugis Street is easily accessible via the MRT, buses and taxis. For added convenience, there are over 1000 parking spaces in the vicinity. There is just opposite Bugis Street Bugis Junction, Bugis Junction which provide more modern feel of the shop. Happy traveling!

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