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Hamadi beach is located in the southern part of the city of Jayapura, Papua province. Hamadi beach is the place where the scars of a world war-2, which are the first point of landing amphibious Allied forces in 1944 before continuing their journey to higher ground. The beach is approximately a total of approximately 5 hectares of square have a special attraction. Where in addition to storing a history of world wars-2, this beach also has a natural beauty that is feast for the eyes of the visitors are arriving.

Coastal area surrounded by green trees, which provide an atmosphere of coolness while driving along the road to the beach. Erotic and harmonious atmosphere feels when you are among the mangrove forests are found around the coast this Hamadi, provides its own colors and flavors for you to enjoy.

The beauty of the beach owned by Hamadi beach is also not less great with beautiful trees found around the coast. White sand beaches stretching from the tip, as if we indulge the sidelines for a while sunbathing beach. In addition you can indulge yourself with white sand on this beach, you can also look closely at some of the tombs and relics directly allied forces located on the southern coast of Hamadi.

If you want to relax for a moment to enjoy the beach air is so fresh, it also own a beach where you can relax for a moment. Surrounding community has provided cottages for you to relax and enjoy the air out of the ocean. This beach has also been providing a place for you to spend the night, with a distance of approximately 300 meters towards the north coast of Hamadi.

Apart from coastal areas, there is a market called Hamadi market with the distance less than about 1 kilometer you will be able to see some handicrafts pity if you miss it for granted and would be very unfortunate if you do not have the craft items.


Hamadi beach is located in the southern district of Jayapura, Jayapura regency, Papua province.

For tourists who want to visit the beach Hamadi, can begin the journey from the city of Papua provincial capital Jayapura. Of the city, Jayapura, to ride public transportation to the direction of Jayapura south with the cost of Rp. 2000 *, after which it can be reached by motor vehicles at a cost of Rp. 5000 *. Apart from that, you can also use the vehicles at a cost of  $. 50 / day *

Note: The prices mentioned may change at any time. Price based on an estimate dated 26 June 2011.

Hamadi beach tourism has the potential to bring benefits to local people and government of Jayapura. Unfortunately the beach is now avoided, because the pemalak. The city government also allowed just one source of foreign exchange. Unlike the Melbourne Beach Florida United States, for example, developed a very simple concept.

Vacation to the beach Hamadi was not the top choice among residents of Jayapura city lately. Look at the first beach clean and busy every day a holiday is now deserted. Just visited a particular person, such as those who may wish to remember his childhood on this beach. Or just a place to avoid the gaze or the target of the police by the penenggak liquor or alcohol.

Had a little simpler arrangement and construction of government facilities the City of Melbourne Beach (Melbourne Beach City Govt) Florida, where the author lived at this time, applied on Hamadi beach, this beach could be a leading attraction Jayapura city community, foreign travelers. Subsequent impact: this beach will be generating income for local residents or owners of communal land and income for Hamadi Beach Jayapura.

The first arrangement is interesting is the provision of rubbish bins, signs warning tourists in the corners of privileged seaside location, and assignment of volunteer lifeguards (paid-volunteer). In Melbourne Beach, the bins are provided every 30 feet at the parking place or a motor-car is also on the sand beach. The distance is approximately 100 feet of sea water boundary.

Signs warning is written in capital letters: "It is strictly forbidden throw garbage in the sand and sea!" This paper is also accompanied by a nominal amount of fines to be imposed to those who violate the rules. These sanctions apply to all citizens regardless of their position or social status.

There may have been the order of the government of Jayapura on Hamadi beach. However, it is still visible on the beach with people swimming floaters plastic waste, such as bags and bottles of drinks, including former lubricating oil containers, Mesran.

The second thing is no less important are the rules regarding the task force coast guard. Melbourne Beach guard task force formed by the local city government special financing to maintain security, order and safety of everyone in the beach area. They are equipped with various abilities to face adverse situations that have been estimated and learned from many years of experience. Such as how to overcome them is caught consuming alcohol in the sand beach or around the beach area.

Any problems that people complain about the city of Jayapura who often come to the beach Hamadi could be the basis for teaching and training of security guards the ability of this beach as a preparation to overcome the problems that people complain so far. As demands for money by the parties on behalf of certain groups. By working with traditional chiefs in the region Hamadi Beach, the pemalak be presented to the chiefs that caught their behavior.

Thus, the main problem undermining and disruption to the public using the beach in Jayapura go away forever. This can only be done through cooperation with the parties involved in the system should improve the quality of the beach-to draw inspiration from the formation of a task force by the City of Melbourne Beach.

Construction of picnic facilities in the coastal area is a pull factor of interest to visit. The City of Melbourne develop their supporting facilities, such as fresh water showers, volleyball court, barbecue place, a place of lodging tourists from Europe and some other cities of North America.

Suppose, the same facilities provided on Hamadi beach will certainly attract local and foreign tourists. Indeed, the facilities provided by the municipality of Melbourne Beach-than-free inn.

However, for Hamadi Beach facilities should be built as a rental at a price not too expensive. Other facilities may also be constructed and made free to the visitors of this beach is its utilization by the cleanliness of the facility records are the responsibility of visitors.

Lots of travelers from various countries of Europe and the United States who visit developing countries, such as in Central and South America in winter, the facility wants to live a fare of about $ 10 - $ 20 per day. Or about $9, - to $ 19 per day.

Living in an expensive hotel is not the primary choice for them. More specifically, they want a living area adjacent to the white sandy beaches, crystal clear and water free of pollution.

Suppose lodging facilities for travelers "bertas-large" (backpacker) could be prepared, the purpose of visiting foreign tourists will move to the city of Jayapura, rather than Bali, Lombok or Makassar, for example.

Hamadi beach quality improvement is an opportunity to leverage people's lives and the city of Jayapura in Papua province in general. The same method can be applied at other beaches in Papua. Yes, if!

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