End of Life home Mary (Maryam) In Turkey Bulbuldagi

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The house was discovered in the 19th century and dinyataan as the home end of life of the Virgin Mary (Maryam) by a nun named Anne Catherine Emmerich who (1774-1824). Last house Mary (Maryam) that is located in the mountains Bulbuldagi Nightingale, close to the area around 7km Ephesus in Turkey.

The story is, In 1811, Anne Catherine Emmerich, who has dedicated her life to God, fell ill in the monastery and had lying in his bed. He heard voices that other people can not hear it. On December 29, 1812, Emmerich was praying in his bed with his arms outstretched, she was suddenly shaken by a divine force, and accompanied by high fever, until the face became crimson. Just then, a bright light coming from the top down at him and when it reaches his hands and feet become sore and all of a sudden covered in blood as if pierced by a nail. The people around to be stunned with amazement. As if the suffering of Jesus during his practice Penyalibana. The doctors examined and was surprised. They can not explain this in medical science.

Emmerich experienced vision Mary leaving Jerusalem with one of the disciples of Jesus is John, which took place during the persecution of Christians, and they came to Ephesus, later he also saw a house near Ephesus is located in a nearby mountain. He said further that the house was the home of the Virgin Mary, the house of stone, built by John, rectangular in plan with rounded rear wall and a fireplace.

Short story, according to Emmerich, the Virgin Mary in his house also had to go back to Jerusalem, but also the health condition of the Virgin Mary until the pain decreased. Then returned to his residence here, and at the age of 64 years Mary died, are buried within 2km from his residence. And to this day nobody knows exactly where the Virgin Mary was eating, and according to pengeliatan Emmerich, when Mary died, the funeral is only visible in his winding sheet only, no body.

Under the front page there is a place that springs to drink and is said to treatment. And there beside the wall long enough that we can associate a roll of paper which gulunga in the previous paper we have written (writing can be a prayer, hope, etc.). We can see there are enough people who had linked his paper taped to the wall.

Believe it or not! all returned to the respective trust

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