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City Istanbul Turkey

To size walkers from Southeast Asia, a tour in Istanbul can not be said to be cheap. On arrival at the airport we have to spend money of U.S. $ 25 for Visa on Arrival, buying coins (called "jeton") tram lira $ 2 each way and each change / transfer the tram had to buy coins again. Dormitory accommodation expenses of the cheapest around U.S. $ 9/malam, a meal for simple foods such as falafel and kabab or a bottle of mineral water is 5 lira. Not to mention the price of admission museum or tourist attraction famous for an average of 20 lira or less popular museum for 10 lira.

For a mediocre budget or want to save money, do not worry. Istanbul provides a large selection of tourist attractions that do not incur a fee. Here are some free tourist attractions that can be prioritized, summarized in a day trip. Do not forget to take a free tour maps are available at the airport or lodging!

City Istanbul Turkey Tourism


Formerly been a Hippodrome or the biggest racecourse in the world. Hippodrome construction began in 203 century AD by the Roman emperor Septimius Severus and were completed by Constantine the Great in 330 AD century. Hippodrome which was then housed sitting of 100,000 is also used as a place of ceremonies, sporting events, social events and even the place of execution.
Istanbul Turkey Tourism
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Until now not much left, only three ancient monuments that still stand. One of Egypt's monuments is the obelisk from 1490 BC, was taken by the emperor of Rome to Istanbul in the 4th century AD. 25.6-meter-high obelisk made of granite rare pink that stands on the block with carved bronze spectators watching a train races. On the other side of the Sultan Ahmed Square there is also a fountain as a gift for the Sultan and his subjects Abdulhamit given by the German emperor Wilhelm II in 1898 as well as to commemorate the German and Ottoman bersekutunya.

Blue Mosque
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Turkey Tourism

When the minaret is not spread in the city of Istanbul to draw your attention, maybe just the Blue Mosque with six towering minaretnya and is located opposite the Hippodrome will change your mind. Built by the emperor to the Ottoman Empire-14 between the years 1609 to 1616 as a rival of the Hagia Sophia Museum which is located across the street. It is said that the condition of the Blue Mosque today originated from a misunderstanding between the Sultan and the architect desires. Sultan mosque originally wanted berminaret made of gold ("Altin" if in Turkish), but the architect defines the mosque with 6 ("Alti") minarets.

Blue Mosque name derived from 20,000 pieces of blue Iznik tiles of traditional Ottoman-shaped pattern with the shape of lilies, carnations and tulips that adorn the ceiling of the mosque. Interior of the mosque becomes more beautiful with the sunlight through the stained glass window 260 in the wall surrounding the mosque. Blue Mosque was closed for 30 minutes at a time of prayer and during Friday prayers.

Gulhane Park
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A short walk from Blue Mosque you will pass the Hagia Sophia Museum and enjoy taking photos of architecture or building that was once a church in the Roman empire and converted into a mosque during the Ottoman rule.

Gulhane Park is the oldest park in the historic and bustling city of Istanbul which visitors pass from the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia Museum is to Topkapi Palace. Walking on a wide path with shade trees on the left and right with views of the Bosphorus Strait and Marmara Sea will certainly be a special experience.

Grand Bazaar

To get to the Grand Bazaar of Gulhane Park can ride Gulhane tram from the station towards Zeytinburnu and get off at the station by using a coin Cemberlitas seharta 2 lira. Arriving at the Column of Constantine Cemberlitas seen as high as 35 meters, also known as the Burnt Column after a fire in 1779. Column of Constantine was founded in 330 AD to commemorate the founding of Byzantium as new capital of the Roman Empire. Lunch at a restaurant that sells Turkish kabab and fresh pomegranate juice and a hose across the street there are several shops of the historic Turkish bath, Cemberlitas Hamami.
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By following the path and the many questions you will arrive at the Grand Bazaar which was founded in 1461. There are 4000 stalls spread over 64 streets. You will most likely get lost in the markets visited by nearly 400,000 people per day. Having a walking tour map of the Grand Bazaar will certainly be helpful to save time. Grand Bazaar is closed on Sunday, during Ramadan, and some of the big day. After being around, find the exit leading to the station Beyazit.

Istiklal Cadessi

From the station across from the Grand Bazaar in Beyazit, take the tram in order Kabatas, then replace the tram to Taksim. The fee was 4 lira. The journey of Beyazit to Taksim takes about 30 minutes. Tram stops right in Taksim Square, an open space. Walk to the Monument of the Republic is not far from Taksim Square, then follow the railway line that crosses the road berserjarah along 3 miles of the Monument of the Republic until the end of the street ("cadessi") Istiklal.
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Roads located in the Beyoglu is also called the Grand Avenue and crossed by millions of people every day. There are shops, cafes, bars, art galleries, museums, restaurants, theaters, religious buildings and embassies on both sides of the street with various buildings from the classical to modern architecture. At the end of Istiklal street, the place where the rail ends, follow the dirt track that down, across the Galata Tower to the right and keep walking until they found the main road and forwarded to the Galata Bridge.

Galata Bridge

500-meter long bridge was built in 1992, it connects the old city of Istanbul and the modern city. In addition to the four-wheeled vehicles can pass, this bridge also provides a tram and a pedestrian pathway. Galata Bridge fishermen crowded from morning till night and the local community to look for snacks. Under the Galata Bridge there is a row of restaurants and cafes selling tea and coffee, as well as a variety of seafood.
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Galata Bridge is a scene from the old city of Istanbul by the Ottoman mosque and the looming minaretnya, Galata Tower and flying seagulls. Do not forget to try turning ekmek, sliced ​​bread filled with vegetables and fish fry for 5 lira.

Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar was built in 1664 that his booth rental fees are used to finance care Yeni Cami Mosque (New Mosque), located not far from there. Here there are 86 stalls selling herbs, traditional medicine, various kinds of snacks and souvenirs.

Yeni Camii Mosque

Located opposite the Spice Bazaar, Yeni Cami, although known as the New Mosque, built before the Blue Mosque in 1597. Yeni Cami has a page with a majestic fountain where ablutions are located in the middle. There are two minarets and a dome that story. Interior decoration of the mosque filled with marble and gold-colored Iznik tiles, white, blue and green.
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To return to the lodge, the nearest tram station is Eminonu, but it's better to walk away while looking at the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque with lighting at night.

Bosphorus Strait
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Bosphorus Strait lies between the continents Asia and Europe and to contact the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea. Bosphorus cruise tour is famous for the scenery and some of the historical edge of Asia and Europe. To enjoy a Bosphorus cruise tour can use the services of a ferry crossing Sehir Hatlari, services Turyol yacht or private yacht service which many scattered in Eminonu. Another alternative for those who do not have much time, try crossing the ferry from Eminonu to Kadikoy, mingling with the local community, which is also a fitting place to enjoy the view overlooking the city of Sultan Ahmed Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. While Asia will be seen on the Selimiye military barracks. Ticket prices for crossing two lira and lira cruises ranging from 12-25.

Hagia Sophia
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Hagia Sophia, the church was built in 537 AD by Justinian, Byzantine emperor, to be the grandest and largest church in the world at the time, until finally converted into a mosque in 1453 by Sultan Mehmet when defeated Constantinople. Secular leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic and then change the function of Hagia Sophia became a museum in 1935. Hagia Sophia is open daily, except Mondays with admission 20 lira.

Basilica Cistern
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Located in the basement, a small building at the same time the ticket booth entrance across from Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern takes visitors to the tranquil atmosphere of the city of Istanbul. Also known as the "palace sink", a closed reservoir that has 336 columns of marble and granite was built in 532 AD to meet the water needs of the great palace and Topkapi Constatinople. Basilica Cistern capacity of 100,000 tons, bringing water from Belgrade Forest water flowing through the bridge along the 19 kilometers. There are two columns that attracted the most attention in the Basilica Cistern, a column with the base of the head of Medusa in Greek mythology is believed to be the incarnation of the serpent-haired woman. Cistern Basilica is open every day of the admission 10 lira.

Topkapı Palace mockups
Boutique Tourism of Turkey Istanbul City

Situated on a hill overlooking the Bosphorus and is free to the Sea of ​​Marmara, is a tourist attraction most visited in Istanbul. Built in 1478 by Sultan Mehmet II, used as a residence of Ottoman sultans for almost 400 years, is now included as a UNESCO World Heritage Old City of Istanbul. This palace of the sultan began a collection of treasures from precious jewelry, trains, clothing, weapons and sacred artifacts. One of the most interesting places is the Harem, used to only be accessible by the people closest to the Sultan, including the family, wives, concubines, and his personal assistant. All life in the sultan's harem is governed by the mother. Topkapi Palace is closed on Tuesdays and is open from Wednesday to Monday with admission 20 lira, Harem entrance tickets 15 lira. There is also a tour group at a cost of 10 lira and the audio guide system fare of five lira.

Cemberlitas Hamami
Turkey Istanbul City

Visit to Turkey is not complete without trying Hamam or Turkish bath is refreshing. Although it feels a little uncomfortable washed other people, a traditional Turkish bath which originated from the year 600 AD to experience the roots of ancient Greek and Roman culture. Cemberlitas Hamami in Istanbul was built in 1584 and still operates today. Old buildings with interior rocky domed marble and decorated the beautiful ornaments, lighting and air temperature are controlled by ritual bathing of the past to create a relaxed atmosphere. To experience this unique experience that guests are charged 70 lira and is open to men and women in separate rooms.

Whirling Dervishes
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Sufi whirling dervishes Enjoy the show is very magical. Begins with prayers and readings dialuni gendering voice and flute, dancing brown hat with a white robe swirling outstretched as a symbol of the moon around the sun, raising your right hand up and down the left hand, the symbol of "god" and the earth. Culture that began in the 13th century can be seen in several places, one of Dede Efendi House near the Blue Mosque as well as a museum with a collection of traditional Sufi music equipment. 50 lira admission every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art
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As an alternative for those who want to see today's Istanbul, visit this place. Built in 2004, this art gallery exhibiting the artworks of the 20th century works of local and international artists. There is also an art library, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants where visitors can enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee while looking at the boat back and forth or a sunset. Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is open daily except Mondays and religious holidays. Admission rates apply for 7 lira and if you want free tickets, come on Thursday. Taking photos is not allowed at all.

Galata Tower
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One of the iconic city of Istanbul, the tower has nine floors and 70 meters high was built in medieval times. In the Byzantine era, the tower is made of wood, was rebuilt with stone in 1384. currently equipped with two lift towers. According to its function as a monitoring tower, the top floor of the tower is the perfect place to enjoy the city pemandangaqn, while drinking tea or coffee in the cafe which is available on the same floor waiting for the sunset. Galata Tower is open every day of the admission 10 lira.

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