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Chinese state is pretty much the sights we could visit, starting from a very well-known culture to the whole world, to the beautiful natural sights and unique to behold. Guilin is one of the tourist attractions in China are worth to visit, because it contains the natural beauty of the wonders of the world. We may quite often see Chinese paintings depicting high mountains and flowing rivers, like the sights in heaven, but it turned out really and truly to be seen. Guilin is an area that has many small mountains towering river and has a long and large. In Guilin we can see the sights of the mountains that the river flowed with a little fog and the weather is so cool, so this makes us really feel like being in heaven.

Mountains towering always decorate the Guilin area, both in remote areas to the urban centers. Do not be surprised if you are in the city center and discover the mountain amid the urban areas. Such scenery is commonplace for local residents, but for newcomers it is quite a strange course and make the experience an unforgettable tour. About 2 million inhabitants Guilin's soul, with manners so friendly. For the newcomers do not worry if merawa Guiling things to do, because the people there are very friendly and do not pamrihan.

Liangjiang journey from the airport to downtown is approximately 30 km. Guilin city is not too large, berkategorikan-sized city, with its bedahal Shanghai or Beijing is very big. Guiling civilization was not a modern city, Guilin is located in the unique beauty of the landscape. Visible traffic roll, no jams, although motor vehicles back and forth looks a bit messy but still under control and safe. When talking about traffic order they are better than our country, they still know the patient and orderly queue at a red light.

Guiling the mountains there are thousands of towering mountains that form a pointed upwards. According to the story supposedly duulunya Guilin is the bottom of the sea, because of natural changes make many relics such as limestone karst mountains are. If you look at the history due to natural changes such as this could be the limestone mountains are formed and have been around hundreds of millions of years ago.

In addition to the stunning mountains, Guilin also has a beautiful river, the River Li (Li Jiang) which flows from north to south. Guilin panoramic beauty of the mountains and will this river until painted in the Chinese currency. So really the beauty of Guilin makes us spellbound and deserves to be seen.

Some interesting places to visit:

Central Square
City of Prince Jingjiang
Sun Moon Pagoda
Guilin Museum
Li River
Black hill Botanic Garden
Garden of the Seven Stars
Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Mountain Village
Mount Diecai
Buki Fubo
Elephant Trunk Hill
Peach Blossom River
Gudong Waterfall
Butterflies cave

Recommended, because quite a lot of tourist attractions in Guilin, should be able to stay at least 3 days here so that all places of tourist interest can be visited and enjoyed. Travel tour agents are pretty much good at the airport and downtown, so it is not difficult for us to do a local tour there.

China painting presents many such images, including images behind the 20 yuan banknote. That's the beautiful scenery of Guilin has attracted many world political leaders, like former President George HW Bush and his wife, Barbara, former President Bill Clinton and his family, and many leaders of China, among others, Den Xiaoping and Zhou En'lai.
They all enjoy views of the formation of hundreds of Kars hill in cruise tourism in the Li River (Lijiang) which divides the city of Guilin, southern China. In cruise tourism, the tourists were treated to the beauty and grandeur of China on the way along the 40 to 50 kilometers which starts from Zhujiang dock or dock Longchuanping, both on the outskirts of Guilin, Yangshuo and ends at the dock, a district town.

In the cruise for about five hours, the tourists were treated to a panoramic sequence rocks (Kars) with a variety of unique shapes and natural. The amount of hundreds and form a very varied attracted us to continue looking at the hills Kars. Kars row of hills on either side of the Li River is presenting the "mystery" about how about the environment around Guilin formed in the past. Horizontal stripes are clearly visible on the hills Kars impressive as if layers of stacked stone by stone to form a hill.

In some parts, it looks like a hill climbing dipapas, but it is not the result of human engineering. Among the "seams" that sometimes we can see the holes in the cave. In some cliffs, sculptured look writings of the Chinese people first. Li River water was fairly clear, so it looks a little rock, river grasses, and also fish in the river.

Life of residents along the river was not much to see because it's not a lot of villages around the river. However, in some places we could watch the activities of people looking for fish, shrimp, or crab, bathing water buffalo, and some are selling their catch to sell. You can also visit Yutang Village, a village on the river that has been aged 400 years and still maintained the sustainability of the building and faces the village.

Although somewhat of a long journey, the ship is clean and comfortable and the food and drinks on the boat makes the trip was not tiring. In order not to boring, would be better if you choose a package across the river, stopping at several points, among others Yutang Village, visited Goa Crown (Crown Cave), and closed with the opera Sanjie Liu in Yangshuo.


In various articles and information about China Travel, Guilin is described as part of China's most beautiful scenery. Because the city is split in two crystal clear rivers and surrounded by hills with unique rock formations and caves.

Guilin Tourism Bureau official website,, outlines, the formation of the rocks were thought to be formed from the earth's plates shift that occurred about 180 to 200 million years ago. Guilin's name is taken from the scented trees and typical local population where it began at the Qin Dynasty, more than 2,000 years ago. Guilin, located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is a river valley that has an area of ​​4195 square km and has a population of around two million people.

Li River itself has a total length of 437 km from Guilin to later join the River Xun (Xun Jiang). The length of the river between Guilin and Yangshuo around 83 km. For cruise tourism in the river, are more than 88 ships with a variety of interior or the interior of a typical passenger seats and a total capacity of 8000 pieces. The fee was certainly not cheap. For a single package, offered ranging from 150 to 250 U.S. dollars.

Besides the charm of the formation of Kars, Guilin and its surroundings have many other sights of interest, among other relics Chengyun Palace which was built in the 5th year the Imperial Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty (in 1372). Although most of the palace building and surrounding complex is no longer the original having been destroyed during the cultural revolution, the palace still looks magnificent. This is the embryo of Guilin City in the past called the Jingjiang Prince City.

Interestingly, in the back of the palace complex there is a hill of stone used in such a way that can be inhabited, the cave in it to be a place to pray, and built a small house at the top to rest at the same time looking at all sides of the city.

Bamboo Flute Cave

Guilin is also rich with large caves that occur naturally in the hills Kars. One of the famous cave is the Bamboo Flute Cave (Reed Flute Cave). Goa is located on the banks of the River Taohua, northwest of Guilin City, it began to be addressed Guilin Municipal Government in November 1982. This cave is located in the "body" of Mount Guangming and has a depth of 240 meters.

In the cave that has been lighting the lamps of various colors, we can see the forms stalactites and stalagmites and unique rocks. In the explanation to the visitors, there is depicted looks like a monkey god Sun Go Kong who were imprisoned, some are said to be a watermelon, melon and tubers that have been petrified, and there is also whose shape is really like curtains.

All these natural formations in the cave can be seen the beauty of the irradiation light fitting. There is given a red light, while others were given a blue light, and there is also illuminated with yellow light that looks like a rock nuggets. Colorful lighting effects that make the dimensions of the various rocks in the cave were clearly visible, plus the songs of birds chirping noises in the distance from the sound system installed in the cave.

Remarkably, in the cave there is a "hall" and large enough pool of water. Structuring cave that is good enough to make the visitors can easily explore this cave to the deepest places. To further satisfy the visitors, the manager of this cave also has installed a laser beam attractions that appear to look beautiful sweeping ceiling of the cave with stalagmites and stalaktitnya.

The air around Guilin is cool, with temperatures 18-30 degrees Celsius, quite fitting for us to come from the tropics. Experience tour in Guilin it will be a difficult experience at once unforgettable China confirms skills and determination to exploit its natural resources are sold as a fascinating tourist attraction.

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