Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

This is one of the favorite games in the Ferrari World, for you who already have tickets to be able to play this game still have to pay more in the amount of 200 dirhams. This game you will be invited to Ferrari racing car provided no 2 model (type and formula one sport). Inside the cabin of our car as being in an actual Ferrari car, with a view ahead of a meal screen racing game becomes like the real thing.

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In addition we can feel the turn left and right, we too can feel the sway of various directions (up, down, sideways, nukik, etc.). Deh fun if you play this game.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the world's largest theme park and indoor gardens in the world's first Ferrari theme, will be open to the public on Wednesday, October 27 days earlier than planned. Announced as 'intense multi-sensory experience and a must-see for fans, enthusiasts and families'. Parks pay tribute to, the spirit of excellence, innovation, performance, technical predetermined ferrari for many years and represents today.

Red roof garden is a direct take off of the double curve iconic Ferrari GT body - and covers 200,000 square meters. Emblazoned on it is a sight that every Ferrari lover would kill to be able to see - the largest Ferrari logo ever created.

Autocentric park, next to the racetrack Yas Marina Circuit, will offer more than 20 action-packed attractions. Certainly a big draw is the Formula Rossa (red) roller coaster, which claims the park will be the fastest in the world, with a wagon inspired by F1 racing cars reach speeds of grand prix-worth of 149 miles per hour. Trip-type water channel, meanwhile, passed Ferrari 599 V12 engine supersize.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Standard tickets cost 225 United Arab Emirates Dirham (around $ 61) for adults, and 165 AED (about $ 45) for children. Premium tickets, which provides access to an exclusive lounge with a drink and the benefits that have not been without other notice, the cost of 375 AED (about $ 102) for adults or 270 AED ($ 74) for small Ferrari lovers. The second level ticket provides unlimited access to all rides and attractions. The park will operate on schedule six days a week from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 noon each day.

This park is under a huge building covering an area of ​​204 386 square meters that had been set up to look like the traditional Ferrari body, double curve.

Within this park, there are more than 20 fun rides for the whole family, including children's rides, cafes, shops and many virtual Ferrari featuring all things about Ferrari.

For instance, "Formula Rossa", the world's fastest roller coaster, with speeds reaching 240 km / h, up to bring you're driving a car like a Formula One's Ferrari team.

Then there is "Made in Maranello" is an attraction that brings your visual experience is like being at the Ferrari factory in Maranello to see how the Ferrari cars.

There is also the "G-force", a tower that takes you thrown up on the tower as high as about 61 meters into the air, and fell again to earth. This rise can be said to feel like having gravity forces similar to those experienced when driving a real Ferrari. G-Force to use even a replica of the Ferrari Enzo seats.

Following another vehicle at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park:

Speed ​​of Magic - A 4-D movie adventure fantasy about a young boy as he travels through a kaleidoscopic dreamscape and phenomenal natural environment, where there is no Ferrari has been made previously.

V12 - flume ride or attraction is stressful for the heart channel-like cylinder V12 engine.

Scuderia Challenge - a racing simulator, similar to those used by the driver of the Scuderia Ferrari in training.

Viaggio in Italia - A virtual air travel around the cities of Italy and the main monuments, mountains and beaches to catch Ferrari.

Fiorano GT Challenge - An attraction unique car racing duel wearing Ferrari F430 Spider.

Bell'Italia - A miniature of the most popular recreation sites in Italy, such as the Amalfi Coast, Monza racetrack, the Colosseum in Rome, Venice and the heart and home of Ferrari, Maranello.

Paddock - A picture of the atmosphere in the paddock at Ferrari F1 Grand Prix races, including garages, transporters and hospitality suites.

The Pit Wall - An interactive theater that allows visitors to test their judgment in an actual race scenario.

Galleria Ferrari - the largest exhibition venues in the world outside the gallery Ferrari Maranello, which displays various collections of the most exclusive Ferrari is a classic and contemporary Ferrari cars from around the world.
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Junior GT - A driving school for kids with expert instruction F430 Spider has a small-scale GT.

Junior Grand Prix - Having experience in GT Junior shoots up as an F1 driver, and can enjoy the race track at the bottom of the scale Ferrari F1 racer.

The Racing Legends - A vehicle that tells when the Ferrari racing team started from the first race to the F1 victory today.

Driving with Champions - a live 3-D interactive adventure of a young engineer who was taken on a life journey of a champion racing on the first day of work at the Ferrari factory.

Cinema Maranello - The theater is showing "Coppa in Sicilia", a short film that tells one of the many stories that are inspired from the life of the legendary Enzo Ferrari.

Junior Training Camp - An interactive play area for children, where they can wash cars without water, a constructor, climbing race, remote auto pilot, miniature Ferrari's own paddle and play with an F1 car is made of soft foam.
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Carousel - carousel featuring a Ferrari prototype based on the Ferrari design competition winners.

Dining and Shopping - rides to eat and shop, a restaurant and a cafe offering authentic Italian dining experience concept, in addition to unique shopping locations.

Ticket prices are based on height, those who are under 150 cm height (the new junior high) ticket price of about 165 UAE dirham. Visitors are higher than 150 cm must pay about 225 UAE dirham.

Ticket prices Canal about 375 UAE dirham and for those under 150 cm of about 270 UAE dirham.

Channel gains ticket holders can enter the park through the Fast Track and access to the VIP Lounge.

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