Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia Turkey

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Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia Turkey
Cappadocia (Kapadokya) is one of the popular tourist attractions in Turkey. Many places to visit is the most historic places, and last but not least the scenery was very beautiful. The hills are very bercirikas rocks, mountains and vast stretches of nature. Every tourist who travel to Turkey is almost certain to stop at this Kapadokya. Kapadokya is a historical region in Central Anatolia, in the province of Nevsehir.

Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia Turkey

In this region there are many service agencies that offer hot air balloon to see Kapadokya region of the sky. But this event is usually an additional service to the tourists who follow the trip with a tour of travel. Price ranges from $ 100 - $ 200 per person for air balloon ride for about 1 to 2 hours on the air. But not every time the show balloon ride can be done because it depends of the weather and strong winds that occurred on that day. And balloon events will not interrupt your trip with tour dates tour travel, because the event was carried off the balloon ride at dawn and finished at 9 am.

Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia Turkey Tourism
When we participate in the show airs with a balloon, then surely we must be prepared to get up early, around 6 am the participants will be picked for each hotel to be invited to have breakfast together. They provide food in the morning with bread, soup, eggs, dairy and snack foods. Given time about 30 minutes to do the breakfast. After breakfast participants to enter into finished vehicles has been provided to set out for the area where the balloons were flown.

The location of the house to eat breakfast to a location where air balloon trip around 15 minutes. Surely these air balloons require a field to be on the air safely. Soon the participants finally get to the site, here many of the balloons are ready to fly, maybe about 30 pieces of hot-air balloon. It turned out that many participants from other travel tour group was stopped at Kapadokya also participated in the event such air balloon ride.

Participants collected per group, one group consisting of a maximum of 15 people, air balloon basket capacity can only accommodate about 15 people following the 2 pilots. Participants who have found air balloon to get ready to ride. Hot air balloon still in bud, while the balloon is still to be developed, the participants were given directions by the pilots, how to go up / down, how to position later when a hot air balloon landed. And soon the balloon is ready to fly, the participants disilakan to climb.

Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia Turkey Boutique Tourism

Air balloon slowly rose up, as well as the balloons the other group, we can see a lot of hot air balloon flying in the air. A very beautiful sight to behold, a variety of balloon decorations with colorful patterns different from each other. Blowing gas and fire also decorate each balloon. And the balloons higher and higher, although very high airs the participants will not feel scared or worried, because the air in a balloon is quite comfortable especially with the pilot of reliable driving. Provided that the wind is not too tight, highly dependent movement of hot air balloon with the roar of the wind terpa.

Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia Boutique Tourism

Balloon reached a height that can spend the highest mountain there, so we can see the view from the top Kapadokya sky is so very high. Sights we can see the hills of unique rocks to be seen because of its elongated, elongated, and also we can see the mountains with the morning sun lighting decoration. This is really a beauty which we see and we can rarely find.

Cappadocia Boutique Tourism

Cappadocia Tourism

In winter, the need dipehatikan was cold that blanketed the foot. For our bodies are not so cold, my feet are just so very cool feel (though have been using the socks and shoes). At the moment we are at the top, there is not much wind, we can freely view the scene from multiple directions. Also convenient for shooting photos and video. Sized balloon basket high enough to make us feel not too worried about the fall. In fact we can also do a squat or sit back in the balloon basket.

Cappadocia Turkey Tourism

After the air for approximately 1 hour, eat it all the balloons started to come down and take a safe position to land. Good land to land is an uneven terrain, there also has been awaited by the other team so that the landing can be properly and safely landed. After we landed a little before heading home to celebrate the success of the air with water balloons, wine and well drinks are provided to us eat cake together. After that the participants were given a certificate indicating the kind we had on the air with water balloons. Then once the pictures together, back to the hotel.

Turkey Tourism

Well, for you who had the opportunity to travel to Turkey and stopped at Kapadokya, do not miss the hot air balloon event, because not many good places in any country for us to air in a balloon.
So this opportunity to try.

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