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A. At a look

Trisik Beach is one in all the mainstays beach Kulonprogo district. Panorama Trisik beach within the morning and evening is ready to show the attractive natural charm. shortly from the beach Trisik there square measure paddy fields and coconut groves happiness to the those that lay inexperienced. The read is pretty sensible enjoyed by town dwellers WHO square measure tired of the routine of menial labor.

In addition to presenting the standard broad beaches, activities round the beach Trisik residents additionally should examined. round the beach, guests will relish fish auctions, fishing activities and conservation of ocean turtles. These activities are literally possible to be developed into a holidaymaker puller tool if managed with a heavy, artistic and innovative. However, yet the potential of nature isn't well utilised by locals. Lack of information concerning management and management of spacial location of the beach and encompassing space is one reason.

Exoticism coastal village with the planet daily workplace are found once you hit the beach. Lined motor boats accustomed look for folks will be found. additionally to the scenery, guests can even strive the stalls came from gedheg to easily quench your thirst.

B. Feature

Trisik Beach has its peculiarities compared to different beaches in Kulonprogo, the coastal village atmosphere thus pronounced. Beaches, homes, huts marketing food and roads connecting the village to town located near one another. numerous activities of individuals that build use of coastal and ocean as a supply of resource were additionally meperkuat coastal village atmosphere.

The fish auction is one place which will be encountered once coming into this coastal region. This place is at the center Trisik voters WHO work as fishermen. Typically, in an exceedingly flurry began simply finished fishing bemused.

In addition to those privileges, at an explicit time, the tip may additionally menyasikkan form of birds flying within the sky of this beach. Trisik Beach is one in all the stopover of migratory birds from totally different regions. Migrant birds which will be seen among others Sandpipers marsh, beach Sandpipers, Sandpipers bush, kedidi red neck, wrinkle pot, kettle and atiny low jewellery kite asia. Meanwhile, there are non-migrant birds like herons buffalo, beef and shrimp blue swallow. The specialty is what makes the beach Trisik enough potential to become a holidaymaker attraction. additionally to its sandy beaches and also the waves square measure sensible, its inhabitants and its natural resources activities may additionally attract domestic and foreign tourists. Trisik Beach is additionally settled terribly near the route thus it's simply accessible employing a personal vehicle.

When guests walk westward following the asphalted road Glagah, guests can see the activities Trisik coastal villagers. On either facet of the road, you may see the villagers benefit of the sun's heat within the coastal areas to dry hydrophyte obtained Ambarawa residents of the world. The dried hydrophyte was paid to the craftsmen WHO created the bag, slippers, and numerous boxes. The handicrafts square measure sometimes distributed to town or handicrafts entrepreneurs in numerous regions for more process. The craftsmen within the town sometimes do the finishing method by adding aksosoris to beautify. though tiny in scale, the activity of drying hyacinth offer resource to the folks.

C. Location

Trisik Beach is found at the coordinates seven fifty eight '41.02 "latitude and one hundred ten.12' 11.64" E that square measure enclosed within the District body strain, Kulonprogo district, Yogyakarta province.

D. Access

From town of Yogyakarta, Trisik Beach will be reached at intervals  ± one.5 hours by land. to travel Trisik Beach, guests will use the Bantul - Purworejo, through Palbapang and Srandakan. when inbound in Srandakan, then proceed to the tip of Brosot with crossing the bridge that crossed over the stream Progo on roughly 600 meters. From Brosot space, traveling on the five miles to the beach Trisik achieved by suggests that of native transport like carts or horse cart (sado, typical carriage Yogya). Yogyakarta-Trisik distance will be reached by conveyance microbus get to the beach.

E. price ticket costs

The price of admission to the beach Trisik Rp a pair of,000, - (July 2006)

F. Accommodation and different Facilities

Facilities for guests Coast Trisik thought-about inadequate. The buildings and supporting the business enterprise activities are less well maintained and broken left affected. however guests don't have to be compelled to worry, a row of stalls that opened residents will treat the power limitations. within the stalls, guests will sample a range of snacks, and beverages unleash thirst like coconut ice, and so on.

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