Save 10 Tourist Attractions in Europe

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Save 10 Tourist Attractions in Europe

Europe is the continent 's most expensive for foreign tourists . However , there are few cities in Europe that are very affordable in terms of cost .

Site USA Today analyzed the cost of hotel stays, meals , airfare , and tourism attractions in cities affordable for working class travelers . In those cities , travelers can find cheap hotel rooms , free activities , and affordable valuables .

One of the city is Rome , Italy . The city is not only earned the most affordable big city in Italy , but also one of the most economical tourist destination in Europe .

Here are 10 city " pocket friendly " for tourists giving insufficient :

Rome is one of the most visited places in Europe . But unlike Paris or London , the city is an amazing vacation spot in terms of budget . Hotel rates per night on average U.S. $ 190 dollars or equivalent to Rp 1.78 million , cheaper than places other major tourist destinations in Italy .

Because Rome was the center of the largest international crossroads , plane tickets to the city is often much cheaper than rates to other cities in Italy . According to the website Kayak , airfares from New York to Rome in October starting at U.S. $ 688 round-trip . Compare with the New York - Venezia ( U.S. $ 740 round-trip ) , New York - Florence ( U.S. $ 934 round-trip ) , or New York - Napoli ( U.S. $ 753 round trip ) .

The millennium city is one of Europe's tourist destinations is more economical . According to TripIndex pages , still a parent with site TripAdvisor , Prague is in the 20th position of the most visited cities in the world and fifth in Europe . The average price for a one-night stay , according to TripAdvisor , around U.S. $ 248 for two people .

The city also has quite a lot of free sites that are guaranteed not to make the bag flat . Havelsk flower market , Charles Bridge , and the 10th-century castle towering over the city of Vysehrad are some interesting sights are free . Want to smell the Europe of the past ? Come to Old Town square .

Very easy to find an affordable hotel in Dublin . Average hotel there offers a two night stay package includes accommodation and breakfast for two people with a starting price of 75 euros per person ( about U.S. $ 94 ) . The New York Times website mentions hotels were nicer offering price of U.S. $ 150 per night . In addition , Dublin tourist attraction filled with affordable , even free , including the National Museum of Ireland , National Botanic Gardens , and Museum of Modern Art Ireland .

At Ashford Castle , tourists can glimpse a peek past the rich Irish . Because it is the center of Europe , flew to Ireland fairly cheap . As an illustration , round-trip ticket from the U.S. to Dublin under U.S. $ 500 and U.S. $ 1,000 in the busy season , usually during the summer .

You can save money in the cities of Eastern Europe than in Western Europe . Of all the cities in Eastern Europe , Warsaw is a paradise for travelers looking for luxury accommodation at a bargain price . According to the Hotel Price Index from , Poland 's capital city offers the most luxurious hotels in the world for the lowest price . Taris average five-star hotel in Warsaw U.S. $ 130 per night in 2011 .

Other hotels offer lower prices , although service and the equivalent of five-star hotel rooms . For example , the price of Polonia Palace Hotel on weekends only 65 euros per night . In fact , Polonia dalah luxury hotel that was built in the early 20th century and is the only hotel in Warsaw that survived during World War II .

Portugal, on the whole , less expensive place to visit than its neighbor , Spain . The country's capital city , Lisbon , for example , offers a charm no less exotic than the other European countries right : Beautiful view of the sea , cosmopolitan beaches , quaint cobbled streets and Gothic cathedral . Cost of one night stay in a four star hotel on average U.S. $ 130 , according to TripAdvisor . The New York Times reported that many cultural attractions presented free on Sunday , including the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia and Torre de Belem , a historical fort .

According to annual surveys TripAdvisor Trip Index , price comparison for accommodation and activities , Budapest is the most affordable city for tourists throughout Europe . According to TripAdvisor , the cost for a one-night stay in a four star hotel , one cocktail per person , dinner for two with a bottle of wine , and round-trip transportation to use taxis only U.S. $ 194 .

At Hotel Palazzo Zichy , popular second property of 333 hotels in Budapest at about € 59 per night charge .

London is the most expensive city in the world for tourists , at least for now . 2012 Olympic Games held in the British capital this makes lodging prices skyrocket . According to Trip Index survey about staying one night in London with two activities could spend more than U.S. $ 500 .

But try to shift into Birmingham , historic city center with beautiful canals and classic British pub . William Shakespeare 's hometown offers a more sensual attraction rather than London , but the price is affordable . In this city hotel rates cheaper than Liverpool , Oxford , and Manchester , with prices around U.S. $ 94 per night .

At the Hotel Price Index , Berlin is one of the most affordable cities for luxury hotels in the world . The average price of a luxury hotel in Berlin in 2011 was U.S. $ 198 per night . Survey conducted by showed that the average hotel in Berlin cost 76 euros per night . Compare with New York ( 171 euro ) , London ( 134 euro ) , and Paris ( 114 euro ) .

Such as Warsaw , Brussels is one of the best cities in Europe to seek luxury accommodation at an affordable price . Hotel in the city was ranked seventh in the Hotel Price Index from for a low price but luxury . And the cost to the city is also competitive price .

Although Austria is known is expensive , priced travel package to the city is quite affordable . Generally travel agency offering tour packages to Vienna , Prague , and Budapest . Six night package for those cities ( two nights in each city ) is priced starting at U.S. $ 1,499 for travel in September or October , including plane tickets to Budapest and back from Prague and accommodation as well as breakfast .

Save 10 Tourist Attractions in Europe

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