Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

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Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Not many caves with underground river in the world . Indonesia is fortunate to have Pindul in Gunungkidul . Many say, charm make this cave is called sexy .

Many cite the cave Pindul as a sexy cave . In the world there are only four , one of which is Pindul . Caving walking normally , but in Pindul we have to use a float .

Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Attraction which was inaugurated on October 10, 2010 The event is located in the hamlet , village Bejiharjo , District Karangmojo , Gunungkidul . To get to the location , after entering the village Bejiharjo , proceed straight white line follows the asphalt . Location Pindul secretariat located at the end of the road . Included in the tour package Gods Bejo ( Rural Tourism Bejiharjo ) .

How to enjoy the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites in Pindul to flow down the underground river . With a ride on rubber tires that washed away . This activity is commonly called cave tubing . River flow comes from springs gedong Seven , which never dry despite the dry season .

To enter the cave charged Rp 30 thousand , accompanied by a guide . This package includes a helmet , life jacket , rubber tires and rubber boots . Transportation to the site is provided flatbed transport vehicle . The path to the location rather steep because the asphalt starts to break down .

Before performing a search , the guide gives guidance how to cave tubing . The guides are from residents about the already professional .

Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Inside the cave there is a stalactite shaped like male genitalia , called the mighty stone . When held myth men can add courage . There is another form of decoration curtain wall and stone columns . There are also water pearls that when someone passes always dripping . This water is used to wash the face of women travelers . Some say this water can add beauty .

Cave combined with spiritual tourist , called eternal darkness . Being in a dark room in the middle of a cave for 20 minutes , the guide turned off all flashlights . For the safety of those around the participant .

Pindul 350 meter traced for about an hour and ends at a dam where the water is crystal clear . According to the manager , Pindul name comes from the legend . There are babies cheeks hit a rock while bathed in this cave . The Javanese call kebendhul .

Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

The tourists must remain careful to surf despite being accompanied by a guide . Local media said the online site , there are two victims in Banyumoto Dam , in the Pindul . They entered without the knowledge manager Pindul official .

In the vicinity of tourist attractions Pindul there are several food stalls that provide meatballs and drinks . To unwind after a search . For those who want to stay are also available dwellings were in the houses around .

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